What is a Soul-Retreat Journey?

Soul~Journey Retreat

Over the last 10 years, I have been privileged to facilitate spiritual retreats for groups of beautiful women. Each experience has contributed to the eve-olution of the format and flow of each unique retreat experience that I create. As I continue to expand, unfolding and flowing in service to the Divine Feminine energy, which is anchoring on the planet currently, expressed as global alchemy, I have been guided to facilitate soul-journey retreats… 

What is a Soul-Journey retreat?

Soul-journey retreats was birthed through Divine guidance. Created through weaving together the essence of the intentional purpose of the spiritual pilgrimage and the magical, powerful connection of the ancient circle ritual of women.
Each step on this soul-journey has meaning. Beginning with hearing the call within, before answering it through registration for such a soul-journey.
The pilgrim or journeyer, either conscious or unconsciously, knows that challenges will emerge, that embarking on this path will mean significant change will take place, which brings up fears and threshold guardians.
There is a deep knowing that it is a transformational journey, in which deeper understanding is attained, new insights are received, ancient and new activations of the heart are experienced… an opportunity for healing is available…
One returns from this alchemical journey transformed, seeing life through anew perspective, clear eyes. It is this intuitive knowing that nothing will ever be quite the same again after returning from this journey which brings up fears and doubts, and the refusal of answering the hearts call…. The power to choose lies within you… will you choose to remain in the comfort of your current circumstance, or choose to courageously answer the call… walking into the unknown adventure… following your heart and soul?

Soul-connection is key for living your life purpose. The soul is connected to Source Light, sacred wisdom… your Higher Self (or as I would like to refer to her as your innate Sophia)… your beautiful heart ….. and holds the template of your Divine Nature…

The primary key to understanding your reason for this incarnation is to understand your soul to the degree that No event, No circumstance, No tragedy, No glory, is strong enough to impact or change the Truth of who You really Are…” Lauren Zimmerman


The journey is a template, each step assisting our lives both inward and outward. Through the exploration of the outer landscapes we are able to uncover soulful inner sacred wisdom and meaning.

The call to adventure… The heart’s call to step into and live your authentic true self …. choosing to no longer be stuck in transit with your little self…. receiving your greatness… integrating with your Divine Nature….accessing your Higher Wisdom… intuitively flowing from your inner Sophia (sacred wisdom)

Divining into this journey gifts access to retrieving soul aspects from lives remembered ~  integrating new insights, flowing through the infinite colours of creativity, awakening the compassionate heart through an ocean of expansive emotions, and centering with sacred breath

There will be awakening moments filled with “truth-bombs” (as Sera Beak would say), breaking open any illusive barriers to the heart’s true essence, leading us deeper into the layers of the underworld (or subconscious) meeting and moving through dark moon Lilith, through the painful memories, the anguish of feeling Gaia’s body (in all her forms) being abused, dishonoured, devalued….
These triggers are a call to action… a marker on the path to stay awake, to BE the change, to educate, to shift, to swirl into the upward expansion of higher consciousness, of acknowledging and remembering the Divinity of Nature ~ activating this Divinity in the inner and outer environments…
The cave you fear to enter, holds the treasure that you seek” Joseph Campbell
This journey leads you into the depths of the darkest hidden cave, the illusion of fear which stops you to enter is embedded in perceptions of the darkness, here in the conscious void of the womb of creation you are reborn, realigned, reignited and initiated anew.
This path unfolds in this journey of navigating through lower vibratory emotions, which passed through the alchemical flame, is transmuted into a higher vibration ~ a state of grace, an expression of Unconditional Love, a presence of Divine Truth, an emanation of Luminous Light.
The compassionate heart is awakened through all that is beautiful, and all that is harrowing…. The sacred heart is connected to the unified field of Oneness consciousness…an integrated state of all the discord of duality… alchemizing harmoniously into sacred union… A Oneness which is grounded in the consciousness of your purpose here, a deep acknowledgement of being a custodian of this earth-ship, and All the beloved Living beings on her.
Its about showing up and voicing your truth, saying NO to atrocities, NO to anything that no longer serves the highest good of all.
At the moment the Rising of the Sacred Feminine is meeting with an interference, old “divide and concur” energies. The old patriarchal energies is a consciousness, and can be sneaky in its disguise, and even embedded. Recognize it, alchemize it, show it the power of Divine Love, Rise above it.
Do not fall prey to its drama, its distraction or its division. Stay heart centred, and focused in your path of co-creating a world of peace…. Beloved Being of Light…. Know that you are Loved beyond measure…


Gathering outside of your daily routine, retreating to a peaceful space in nature, taking this time for reconnection to one’s self. Emerging rejuvenated, re-connected, recharged, re-aligned, re-united, feeling a return to Love and Light, embodying Truth, feeling peace and ready to Thrive.

Retreating to beautiful spaces in Gaia’s “garden” is an ancient practice of sistars circling in celebration, gratitude, healing, initiation, and shared learning.

The Circle is a healer. A place in which to be authentic, trusting, safe, caring, available, vulnerable and open to change.
The Circle is a place of inquiry. A place to be open, to discover yourself, to risk being seen, to be sensitive, to be vulnerable.
The Circle is a place of listening. A place to engage the heart, enhance our self esteem, find our voice, speak our truth, uncover our story, feel heard and receive deep medicine.
The Circle is a place of support. A place to question who we are and examine our perceptions. A place where answers arise, where we discover our true Selves, where our truth is revealed, where we let go of being right, where it’s ok to feel our feelings and deepen relationships.
The Circle is a place of equality, where each woman is a teacher and every woman a healer.
~ Kami McBride, “The Magic of a Circle”


Sacred sites hold within them energetic portals and sacred wisdom available to those who  listen. They activate soul-retrievals, gift opportunities for lineage clearing, integration of new information into our bodies.. These sacred spaces of our Mother earth Gaia facilitate awakening, heart expansion, rising in Love, upgrading to an expanded level of Self, opening to the sacred wisdom within.


A call to action for all awakening women:

  • Are you tired of watching the same cycles appearing in your life?
  • Are you ready to connect with the most sacred part of yourself that will support you in living an authentic, invigorating, inspiring life at your highest calling?
  • Are you ready to move with the highest realms of cyclic nature and produce your own personal results communicated for centuries through the time paths of all your feminine ancestry?
  • Are you ready to let go of some of these patterns that no longer serve you?

Come and join this exclusive group of women, joining our feminine power to impact our lives and creating a ripple effect onto the lives of others.


Why do people go on soul-journey retreat?
The call is unique for each women, yet there is a golden thread which connects each group.

•    Some are deeply questioning their life’s purpose.
•    Some desire a new perspective, a change of mind.
•    Some are studying various spiritual paths.
•    Some are seeking ways to reverse the destruction of life on the planet.
•    Some are learning methods of meditation.
•    Some don’t know why they are making a pilgrimage, but are following their feelings and intuition.
•    Some are committed to the idea and practice of pilgrimage.
•    Some are purifying their hearts, setting intention for clarity.
•    Some want to be in harmony with the natural world.
•    Some are called to work with the energies of the Sacred Feminine.
•    Some are curious or wish to observe.
•    Some are spiritual adventurers.
•    Some want to calm their minds and find peace.
•    Some are creatives, looking for inspiration to sing or write about.

What is unique about Soul Journey Retreats?

You are invited to experience a spiritual journey, exploring your inner sacred temples, amidst the awakening activations of the outer sacred landscapes.

During these retreats you will be encouraged to approach each experience with contemplative awareness, and each sacred site with reverence. Time will be given for learning sacred knowledge, integration, inner reflection, meditation, and interaction. As we journey together, we will be focusing on the theme of Sacred Feminine wisdom, and its roots in the ancient Goddess cultures. We will be working with the embodiment of Goddess archetypes to further explore our inner worlds, growing both personally and spiritually.  We will be integrating these wisdoms into our daily lives forward.

Experience the profound gifts which are recollected when we enter the silent space of Nature. Our reconnection to her is of utmost importance right now.

Our group size is limited, encouraging personal interaction and content. In the Spirit of enriching these journeys I discerningly select facilitators who are local specialists in their field of knowledge, offering us powerful experiences, sharing their guidance with us.

We are confident that our journey together will be a transformational one. Our intention is for you to leave uplifted, inspired, empowered and with more of your true self than before you arrived on this journey.

We have visited the sites on our schedule, and have personally chosen the retreat centers, accommodations and meals. You are assured of a complete and well planned journey.

We are very excited to witness this unique transformation at this time, join us in anchoring the sacred feminine energy within ourselves and the planetary body…


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