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Catalyst PostLooking back on my journey thus far, with the clear vision of hindsight, I was a catalyst all along…

Only I didn’t realise it on the playground when I called the pre-school teacher out on “mismanagement”,

I didn’t realise it at sunday school when I questioned “why we didn’t love other religions? Are they not our neighbours?”

I didn’t realise it when I stood up for the girl in the bathroom who was being bullied…
I didn’t realise it when I chose to point out the person in the friendship circle who was untrustworthy….

I didn’t realise it when I told my early twenties boyfriend that he was an addict…
I didn’t realise it when I called out the event organiser on copyright infringement …

The teacher didn’t like me, the bullies tried a “hate campaign”, the friends abandoned me and believed the liar…only to return later with apologies, the boyfriend chose the drug, and the journalist denied the infringement, despite the evidence available for public view….

Needless to say, this passionate quest for the truth, does not make you the most popular girl in the crowd, it is not the easy road, and it takes great courage to stay present in the wake of its catalytic aftermath.
I didn’t realise that I was a TruthCatalyst… or even what that meant?
So I tried to “fit in”, I keep quiet, tried to be “cool”, ignored my intuition on judgement of characters, and betrayed myself in the performance of people pleasing. This path felt constricting, limiting, shut off, disconnected, numbing….my body felt ill, I set myself up for betrayal, and I felt even more lonely than being the Truthblazing girl…

It was only when I started embracing this “gift”, this calling, fully engaging this path of authentic living, of truthful being in all ways …. allowing my voice, my body, my spirit to open again with the fiery courage of a sonic lioness ROAR… that I found peace.

This truth quest lead me through the Catalyst Odyssey of journeying through the various archetypes. The closet catalyst phase, which inevitably leads to the angry catalyst episode (you may still see this archetype peak out when I speak about injustice or the environment), at work the Office catalyst stage, and at home the family catalyst chapter, all preparing you for the conscious catalyst archetype which transform you into the illuminating change agent catalyst!

Experience (and some active academic study, and soul searching) has been my teachers in refining the true essence of this gift. Being a conscious catalyst is an art, it is a way of being, its a life purpose and passion.

It has proved to be profoundly beneficial for my clients, students and group facilitation.

“The truth illuminates all illusion… setting you free… to be who you came here to be!”

My definition of a Catalyst is:

the facilitation which ignites the aha moment, the key which unlocks the metaphoric closed door, the stimulus which motivates the paradigm shift, the spark which opens the heart
In terms of facilitation technique it is the word, the question, the process, the movement, the hug, or the creative project which ignites the illumination, leaving the participant changed forever.

I think we all have the “catalyst archetype” within us. It may just be hiding in the closet, or show up in shadow form (if we have not embraced our voice yet), or it may be in the alchemical kitchen awaiting the moment of ignition to emerge.

I believe that what our world needs now is a catalyst for change movement. In order to activate compassionate leadership, re-connection to natural ways of being, redirecting all energy and focus into renewable resources in economics, social entrepreneurship, communities and paradigm shift into this thriving way of being.

I believe that when you educate a woman, you educate a community.
Women are natural educators, networkers, and circle leaders. I believe that woman hold within them the key…. a catalytic essence which has lead:
law-changing campaigns: e.g. women’s rights ;
new ways of being: peaceful resolutions;
bringing compassion back into the boardroom;
and the crucial current activist movement for conservation, so that the next 7 generations can thrive!

I believe that facilitation as a leadership style and tool is the way forward for a thriving future.

I wholeheartedly feel that it is women’s clarion call to lead this eve-lution, and that we were born to do this!

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” We all need a sacred witness in life,
a person who can listen without judgement
while knowing the right questions to ask
that continually illuminate your path. “
Carolyn Myss

A catalyst is a change agent. And my Goddess do we fear change!

Catalysts facilitate (consciously and unconsciously) a process of bringing out the truth, opening the space for creative solutions, and empowering the circle which will ultimately lead to healthy, heart connected relationships.

The truth is liberating, but first it will piss people off!

We don’t like to hear the truth, because it means something will have to change, and we are addicted to our comfort zones…. even if our comfort zone is unhealthy and stifling.
The magic happens OUTside the comfort zone! We can only change that which we acknowledge, and owning the truth, and its discomfort is the first step.

Do you know how to facilitate this illumination in a way which takes people from pissed off to feeling completely liberated?
In a way which contains the principles of respect, compassion, and service to the highest potential?
When we embody this TruthCatalyst skill with compassion and discernment, we become heart-centered leaders!

Through out my years in my practice and observing the field of personal development and training, I have noticed that group facilitators; adult educators; and holistic teachers have struggled to facilitate group dynamics. Especially those disruptive characters, like the chatty Cathy’s, the attention seeking Abbie’s and the drama queen Deborah’s.

Pivotal facilitation challenges:

•    Wielding the gift of being a catalyst;
•    Dealing with disruptors, distractors, disengaged behaviour,  pathological personalities in groups and consequently;
•    How their behaviour effects the whole group dynamic;
•    Supporting participants through a process in the group environment;
•    Authentic, effective and ethical group coaching methods;
•    Staying grounded as a facilitator in the midst of disruptive behaviour.

Facilitation is an art, and having a clear strategy and skill-set for conquering these challenges is essential.

I have assisted many facilitators and teachers with these skills over the years in a private capacity.
After numerous requests to “create a training course which would equip facilitators with these skills”, and 12 years of facilitating process group experience, I am finally ready…. and deeply honoured to be answering this call.

I am in a state of gracious gratitude for All my teachers, both in the field of Psychology and in the experiential field ~ the Cathy’s, Abbie’s & Deborah’s were excellent teachers!

It is with great JOY that I announce this pioneer group training, and I am truly excited and thrilled to serve you with my pearls of wisdom.

This is an exclusive invitation to this upcoming training in February 2016. This will be the first and only *pioneer trainee* experience. In celebration of launching  Catalyst Facilitation Training I am gifting *pioneer registrants* this training it at a once-off 50% discounted fee!

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This training is for Women who want to make a difference and lead with Soul, heart and fire!

Who would benefit from this training?
•    Social entrepreneurs
•    Support Group Leaders
•    Managers
•    Team leaders
•    Mom’s
•    Group class teachers (yoga, dance, women’s circle facilitators)
•    Women in Business Network organizers

What is unique about Catalyst Facilitator Training?

Catalyst facilitation is a unique method which utilizes the hero and heroine’s journey as a structural guideline in facilitating the group process. The method is further enriched by drawing on the ancient healing tradition of the circle, its power of storytelling and the skill of catalytic questioning which ignites change in the direction of heart centered living.

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– Building a sustainable business with soul
– Being a pioneer in the field of catalyst facilitation leadership
– Be part of the Catalyst Facilitation Community
– Facilitating with authenticity and confidence
Learn a unique facilitation method which incorporates the feminine principles.

Are you a Catalyst?

If you are ready to lead your team, your company, your support group, your circle, your red tent temple in a way which honours the sacred essence of the whole, then this the training for YOU!

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” The best teachers are those who show you where to look,
but don’t tell you what to see. “

Alexandra K.Trenfor