Calling the luminaries, the awakeners, the ripple makers, goddesses, and women of the earth:

Join Eleftheria for a journey into the heart and soul of ultimate sacred wisdom.

Eleftheria will be sharing her truth around the exploration of sacred wisdom, its origins and ever evolving nature in a not to be missed Webinar.

In this FREE 60 minute webinar, she invites you to:

  • discover deeper realms of spiritual knowledge,
  • unravel secret truths,
  • experience a meditative journey within,
  • explore the inner realms of your consciousness,
  • connect with sacred wisdom
  • and awaken the powerful, transformational, life-affirming, meeting of your deepest truth, accessing our inner Sophia ~ the part of you who is whole, healed and complete and has access to infinite wisdom, holding the golden key which unlocks the treasure trove holding every answer to every question you will ever have.


IMG_0668About Eleftheria

As a wisdom keeper and illuminator of reality, she’s also expanded this vision to the corporate environment in the form of stress-management, intuitive leadership, personal development skills, and embedded practical spirituality into countless people’s lives.

As a LoveLight Oracle, her work is received well in both worlds, both corporate and in the mystical realms of the sacred circle of women. Bridging both worlds, muggle and magical, through practical spirituality, she offers insight and sustainable shifts within the respectful bounds of personal belief structures.

But above all, it’s her work as a catalyst for awakening, activating, and anchoring the powers within; this Rainmaker has been leaving her mark across the landscapes of both Southern Africa and Europe. She’s a true pioneer in being the change you want to see in the world, and authentically walks her walk and talks her talk.

She believes that we are at the precipice of global alchemy, and that NOW is the time to courageously awaken to the truth of who we are, to re-connect with our Divine Nature in Nature, and that this connection and awakening facilitates a state of grace, empowerment and a return to heart centred living.