Awakening Aphrodite Meditation: SuperMoon


Aphrodite is calling women far and wide to come home to their inner truth.

Venus, the planet of beauty, love, finances and romance is in retrograde until the 7th September. This Goddess influences our social nature, finances, our attraction to the external environment and how we cultivate happiness in our world.
She is stirring up deeper truths within us, which is leading us to ask the real questions about our relationships and our work in this world. This inner questioning catalyzes exploring new possibilities and illuminating creative solutions.

This is a time to intimately connect with your heart… clearly listening to what inspires you…
what ignites your passions….
what gives you pleasure…
and clearing the blocks which hinder your purpose.

The pathways to conscious Love starts within. Aphrodite invites us to explore these pathways, emerging awakened.