The WHOLE Truth

Living the whole truth As this horse year draws to a close, in a steady, yet fast galloping pace, take a moment to breathe, and reflect on your year…

We are often so engaged in the routines of everyday living, that we forget to STOP…. to breathe… to review…. AND express gratitude for this years journey.

At the end of each journey, we experience the super valuable stage of integration. When we skip this process, we miss out on fully integrating our lessons into wisdom, and may repeat these lessons all over again.

Which lessons have you graduated from this year?

Create a beautiful closing cycle ceremony for yourself. Prepare a quiet, clear, beautiful sacred space. Bring your full awareness into presence, reflect and journal on these questions:
What have you learnt this year?
Which new ways of being have you integrated?
Which closures are you ready for?
Which wisdom are you practicing?

Then close off your ceremony with your own way of expressing gratitude for the full experience of 2014. Embracing all the challenges, all the joys and all the wisdom gained which continues to integrate in its own natural spiral unfolding.

This year I have learnt to breathe, live, and flow in the freedom and liberation of the WHOLE truth. Not the edited, photo-shopped, strategic half story, of our illusive world….. I am talking about the raw, unabridged beautiful and harrowing, mystical and methodic, painful and contented, sorrowful and joyful, disappointment and delight, muggle and magical world.

I have learnt that the integrity I wish to see in others, may just simply not be there. I have learnt that what people say and do, may be two worlds apart, and I have learnt to let my judgements go, and refine my discernment.

I have learnt to stop expecting conscious understanding, and matching integrity in behaviour from other “enlightened” people. I have accepted that we are all on our own path. I have owned that my charged feeling around this topic is a projection of my value system on the world around me, and I have listened to my soul calling me home to balance my inner worlds.

I have learnt the clear distinction between judgement and discernment. I choose to remember that when I judge my first hunch about a person, project, or decision, and follow my mind that’s saying : “Don’t be silly, you’re being judgmental” I am dismissing my truth compass’s intuitive direction. I choose to trust this intuitive discernment now, and am cultivating the practice of following this heart lead, in the direction of my soul-path.

I have learnt that the profound depths of grace and peace, are found in the practice of vulnerable, whole-hearted living. I accept that not everyone is ready for this choice, and that some may still be plugged into the belief that vulnerability is weakness, just like I had embedded this belief.

I have learnt that the sorrow I feel for this earth, for my Mother Gaea, her magnificent plants, beautiful animals, and rainbow people, her anguish and pain, Iies buried in the depth of my body, in the layers of my womb, in the lining of my heart and the low flight of my spirit. I accept that we are all One evolving body of consciousness, and I choose to make a difference by leading by example.

I have learnt that living alchemy is my heart-path. That each time I see & feel the wounds of this world, I allowing myself to awaken the numbness within, feel the depths, and storms of this pain….knowing it sparks the warrioress in me…. it ignites the ancient wisdom of Sekhmet in me….. and I move forward inspired and reconnected to my path…. Asking: How can I serve? How can I contribute?

I have learnt to stand in my full whole truth, to be vulnerable in it, not just to speak it, but be it…. I have learnt to stop enabling dysfunctional behaviour, and with clear insight, with love, an arrow of truth, in service to the greater well-being of All… to dig deep on courage and call out another’s misaligned behaviour. In the empowering teaching of Brene Brown, authentic living is about choosing that one second of discomfort, and speaking your truth, over 6 months of quiet resentment.
I have accepted that even when you call someone out on their misconduct, it doesn’t mean that they will step into accountability, nor shift in behaviour. People can only change what they can acknowledge.
I choose to no longer enable the problem, I choose to contribute to the solution, and I choose my behaviour to reflect this.

I have let go of the old patriarchal way of measuring success by productivity, and I have embraced the Sacred Feminine ways of gracious receptivity, flowing with intuitive action, and measuring success by my state of peace.

I have practiced the graciousness of gratitude for the subtle things of great value, which can bring you the freedom of inner peace in the darkest moments. I choose to stay awakened, to be present, to practice being open, so that I can acknowledge, see, feel, hear, and BE Fully in these precious moments.

I have remembered that the gentle touch of nature can shift your whole perspective into place, bring you to center, help you drop all your stuff and return to your beautiful heart.

I have learnt to feel the whole truth, all of the beautiful spectrum of emotions, the pain, the sorrow, the grief, the disappointment, the betrayal, the angst, the joy, the happiness, the bliss, the delights, the expansive open heart, the beauty, the grace, the gratitude, the ever expansiveness of Love, the contentment, enjoyment and rhapsodies.

I choose enrealment (thank you Jeff Brown for coining this word!), I recognition the dysfunction of the bliss-addiction, chasing the experience of the pleasure body is an illusive addiction, encouraged by many spiritual teachings. I believe that integrated consciousness (= beyond duality) is not swinging from the one side of the pendulum to the next, from pain to pleasure, that it is found in the observer’s perspective, from the viewpoint of that part of you that is already whole healed and complete, who can experience  ALL emotions, beliefs, behaviours without attachment, from the whole truth, in total context, in full vibrant colour.

I am not interested in enlightenment if it means detachment from the emotional body, the earth plane, the challenges of being human. I am interested in Enrealment, because it means that my most spiritual moments are inclusive, arising right in the heart of all that is human: joy and sorrow, shopping list and unity consciousness, fresh mangoes and stale bread. Enrealment is about living in all aspects of reality simultaneously rather than only those realms that feel the most comfortable. We are not just the light, or the mind, or the emptiness, or perpetual positivity. We are the everything. It’s ALL God, even the dust that falls off my awakening heart.
– an excerpt from ‘Love it Forward’ by author Jeff Brown.

It is only when we start living the whole truth, seeing and dealing with the full story, that we are able be accountable, bringing our shadow archetypes into the Light, and hence have access to our power. The whole, messy, unapologetic, vulnerable story is authentic living in practice. This is the space in which respect, love, freedom, grace, open hearted thriving and practical spirituality reside.

I have learnt to live with my whole heart, my whole mind, and my whole soul. I accept that these lessons will continue to evolve and expand, as I walk this path of the Divine Feminine.

May truth, the whole truth, love and freedom be your guiding Light…

Luminous Love