The path of the Divine Feminine

The path of the Divine Feminine is a journey not to be taken lightly… it is a path which requires our full attention, our whole truth, devotion and abundant courage…the courage to surrender to the clarifying depths of intimacy (in to me see) of vulnerability… yielding the beauty, grace, peace and Divine Love which your soul has been longing to re-unite with…

Through the weaving of my own expression, and observing expressions of all the women (and men) who dance through he fabric of our collective reality, the sacred feminine energy is a sacred breathe which rises and flows, unfolding in mystical and profound ways… this powerful wisdom can only be honoured through the practice of surrendering

Divining into this journey gifts access to retrieving soul aspects from lives remembered ~  integrating new insights, flowing through the infinite colours of creativity, awakening the compassionate heart through an ocean of expansive emotions, and centering with sacred breathe…

There will be awakening moments filled with “truth-bombs” (as Sera Beak would say), breaking open any illusive barriers to the heart’s true essence, leading us deeper into the layers of the underworld (or subconscious) meeting and moving through dark moon Lilith, through the painful memories, the anguish of feeling Gaia’s body (in all her forms) being abused, dishonoured, devalued….

These triggers are a call to action… a marker on the path to stay awake, to BE the change, to educate, to shift, to swirl into the upward expansion of higher consciousness, of acknowledging and remembering the Divinity of Nature ~ activating this Divinity in the inner and outer environments…

“The cave you fear to enter, holds the treasure that you seek” Joseph Campbell

This journey leads you into the depths of the darkest hidden cave, the illusion of fear which stops you to enter is embedded in perceptions of the darkness, here in the conscious void of the womb of creation you are reborn, realigned, reignited and initiated anew.

This path unfolds in this journey of navigating through lower vibratory emotions, which passed through the alchemical flame, is transmuted into a higher vibration ~ a state of grace, an expression of Unconditional Love, a presence of Divine Truth, an emanation of Luminous Light.

The compassionate heart is awakened through all that is beautiful, and all that is harrowing…. The sacred heart is connected to the unified field of Oneness consciousness…an integrated state of all the discord of duality… alchemizing harmoniously into sacred union… A Oneness which is grounded in the consciousness of your purpose here, a deep acknowledgement of being a custodian of this earth-ship, and All the beloved Living beings on her.
Its about showing up and voicing your truth, saying NO to atrocities, NO to anything that no longer serves the highest good of all.

At the moment the Rising of the Sacred Feminine is meeting with an interference, old “divide and concur” energies. The old patriarchal energies is a consciousness, and can be sneaky in its disguise, and even embedded. Recognize it, alchemize it, show it the power of Divine Love, Rise above it.
Do not fall prey to its drama, its distraction or its division. Stay heart centred, and focused in your path of co-creating a world of peace…. Beloved Being of Light…. Know that you are Loved beyond measure…

The Feminine is finally meeting her pain respectfully.
Her pain is her oldest teacher. Also the one she’s avoided facing at all costs. Finally, she’s putting her attention there. It is specially hard to stay fully present in it,
and not run away.

Her sankalpa is to shift her consciousness. It is coming from a space that is much larger than her contractions. Her practice is to continue to breathe into her
‘not knowing’. Slowly, as she experiences her dark, agonizing spaces without resistance, it begins to take her through the dark allys of lifetime after lifetime of victim/aggressor existence.

And at the end of the tunnel, she meets love. Intense, blinding, golden, shimmering love. She melts into it.

On her journey back, she brings as much of this love as she needs,
and repairs her fragmented life, replenishes her atrophied arteries, and feeds the cramped and aching parts.
Her numb parts come alive, & her body begins to shift at a cellular level.
Her pain body ~ a companion of lifetimes ~ begins to glow. The dull ache in her lower back begins to dissolve and with it, all her collected, calcified anger. The area around her hips and womb begins to soften. Every time she enters deep into her fear without defense, she brings more gold back for her body.

She is eating sacred food. Her trips for gold are becoming shorter, as the love comes closer with every visit underground. Her glow is unmistakable.

When she is done, she will be called love.”
Sukhvinder Sircar

We continue to courageously cross the threshold of a new epoch, as women awaken and reclaim their rightful place of partnership in the co-creation of our world. Through this journey we activate the remembrance of sacred knowledge and celebrate the distinctly feminine ways of accessing, expressing, and transmuting the life-giving feminine energy of the Cosmos.

I facilitate the activation of thrival templates. This means, I facilitate an inner journey, through various modalities and spiritual tools which empowers you in awakening to your own truth, wisdom, beauty, spirit essence, and soul path. This process of Awakening, Activation and Anchoring the sacred feminine energy within, allows you to start accessing and expanding from your Higher Intuition.

I truly believe that we have all the answers we seek within us. We are multidimensional beings, who are connected to infinite wisdom. Rumi stated it beautifully:

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

Looking forward to thriving with you!