Sacred Feminine Alchemy Meditation Journeys:


I first meditated with Eleftheria at her workshop Awakening the Sacred Feminine, held in Slovenia, and I was amazed and surprised by the depth of the meditation achieved considering I had not done regular meditation before that. For me, meditating with Eleftheria was like a revelation, a discovery of an inner world I am really grateful to have been given a chance and opportunity to connect with. I still consider it a treasure, and not wanting to lose it, I decided to buy her album as soon as it was available to be able to continue meditating with her. I still do, and her guidance never ceases to surprise me. I know the tracks are the same but there must be some magic within because each time different words are spoken to me. I cannot explain it, I am just deeply grateful to resonate with her, with the sound of her voice, with her guidance. She has helped me connect with parts of me so far undiscovered, neglected or dormant, and meditating with her gives me peace, strength, and above all makes me think and act from my heart. I am still in the process of learning how to keep this heart connection with myself alive and always present in my day-to-day life, but the feeling is really rewarding when I do achieve this, and that’s very empowering.” Irena Madric


Sacred Feminine Alchemy ~ guided meditation journey: 

No. 1 : Relaxation *free gift*

Receive this relaxation guided meditation for *free* with your meditation journey purchase. In order for us to yield best results with these meditation journeys, it is beneficial to be in a relaxed state of body, mind and spirit. Set up your listening device with the relaxation meditation first, then follow with your choice of journey.

 No. 2: Awakening

An awakening journey into the heart of your inner world. Meeting your beautiful, Divine-self and guiding light. This meditation assist you with connecting to your inner Sophia (wisdom), activating intuitive guidance. From this awakened state, stepping into agreement with your ego-self.

No.3 Sacred Union (with binaural tones)

The sacred feminine energy is the embodiment of the sacred union of the divine masculine and feminine energy.  The wholeness of two aspects, active and receptive can flow in harmony, in synergistic unison…This alchemical journey is a powerful healing integration of the masculine and feminine energies within. Activating an expanded level of consciousness.
This journey is complimented with binaural sounds in the  embedded within the music. They are used to bring about desirable changes in brainwave activity, inducing states of meditation and deep relaxation. When played with headphones, you may be able to hear the binaural sounds as a subtle pulsing sound beneath the music. “Binaural tones” are an auditory effect that is created in the brain when two tones of slightly different frequencies are played separately into each ear.

  No 4: Lineage Clearing

This alchemical journey gifts you the opportunity to clear all blocks, contracts, cords, attachments, spellbinds to anything or persons or situations from past lives, other dimensions, lineage agreements, chakra cords.
This gives you the freedom to completely clear your energy field, ready to access your Divine Light and be who you came here to be, to fully step into the truth of your being.

No 5: Life Purpose Alchemy

Step fully into the resonance of your life purpose through the sacred feminine alchemy journey. A meditation journey into the temple of your inner sacred knowledge, assisting you to access and activate your life purpose template.

 Testimonial by Bridget Finklaire

“Eleftheria has developed a totally unique approach to the ancient wisdom and art of Alchemy.  She is a pioneer in the field of the Sacred Feminine and has been teaching women in Africa and Europe to anchor their Divine Feminine Power.

Eleftheria’s calm and gentle voice guides you on an inner journey of discovery and healing which results in profound shifts and changes.  These changes are then reflected in your outer world.  Her intuitive and gentle approach encapsulates the feminine principle and results in an empowering experience for the listener.

All of the tracks together provide a foundation for growth, but the lineage clearing and sacred union, I found particularly impressive.  You will no doubt find the track which resonates best with you.

Bridget Finklaire,
Spiritual mentor, writer and teacher
Former Harley Street Therapist and Healer (UK)


  1. People with epilepsy should not listen to any Binaural Beats/ Tones  without the approval of an appropriate medical physician. However rare, there is a risk of seizure associated with individuals who are predisposed to seizures. Consult your doctor directly if you have any questions or concerns regarding binaural beat’s effect on epilepsy.
  2. Do not drive a car or operate dangerous machinery while listening to any Meditation and Binaural Beats/Tones. This technology produces hyper-relaxed states that can interfere with your ability to react as needed while driving or operating machinery.
  3. The buyer / downloader of the Sacred Feminine Alchemy Meditation Journeys downloads on this site assumes all risks in using the meditations, waving any claims against the owners of  and its affiliates for any and all mental or physical injuries. This includes all self-created suggestions for mood altering, brain wave states altering, and for self-improvement or motivation.
  4. In no case will Eleftheria or Sacred Feminine Alchemy Meditation Journeys  be liable for chance, accidental, special, direct or indirect damages resulting from use, misuse or defect of music/meditation, instructions or documentation.


Lovelight Guardian Angel Guided Meditation

Meet your Guardian Angels in this guided meditation. Your guardian angels have been with you since your birth, and will stay with you until you cross over the veil.
They hold the blue print of your soul’s life purpose, and guide you daily. Angelic beings can never intervene in your decisions, as we live in a realm of free will. Therefore, you need to give them permission to assist you with anything you would like to heal or co-create in your life.