Gift in the wound of Betrayal WEBCAST


How to Spot & Stop a Manipulator Webcast

Do you know how to spot a manipulator?

It isn’t easy to spot a narcissist, but knowing who they are can prevent unnecessary heartbreak. Knowing how to identity the warning signs can protect your emotional well-being.

Join me for my last offering for this year, an empowering workshop based on my forthcoming book : “Trial by Fire ~ The gift in the wound of betrayal.”

Personal Development Training:
Empower yourself with effective skills on how to recognize and handle manipulative characters.

Refine your Bullshit-o-meter skills!

Interpersonal Training for creating relationships which inspire the best in you!


Who will benefit:

Are you experiencing or interested in these topics:

  • Are you afraid of conflict?
  • Are you a people pleaser?
  • Are you terrified to say what you really feel?
  • Do you put yourself last?
  • Do you recognise these traits in loved ones around you?
  • Are you in an abusive or toxic relationship?
  • Have you survived an abusive relationship, and want to know how to move on?
  • Want to know how to recognize and deal with manipulative characters?


Session 1: Seminar
Theme: Relationship dynamics

Covering the why’s, how’s, who’s and what nots.
The stuff you wish your father had taught you: How to spot a narcissist / manipulator.
Empowering tools for healthy relationships.


Package includes:

  • 1 hour & 40 min Empowering Webcast
  • Handouts with transcript
  • E-book on Drama free living

The information and tools will benefit you personally and equip facilitators with new insights into the psychology of group dynamics.


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