A session refers to a private consultation with Eleftheria.

Eleftheria is a registered Counsellor and combines her gift of intuition with this training in order to assist you to refine your personal truth, power and purpose.  She facilitates an empowering journey into wholeness through aligning the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies. 

Eleftheria’s applies the *Catalyst Facilitation method in her group work and private sessions.

The duration of the first Life Script session is 90 minutes, thereafter each session is 60 minutes.

In order for sustained results to be achieved, the healing journey starts with a commitment to 10 sessions.

What is Catalyst Facilitation?

the facilitation which ignites the aha moment, the key which unlocks the metaphoric closed door, the stimulus which motivates the paradigm shift, the spark which opens the heart
In terms of facilitation technique it is the word, the question, the process, the movement, the hug, or the creative project which ignites the illumination, leaving the participant changed forever.

 We all need a sacred witness in life, a person who can listen without judgement while knowing the right question to ask that continually illuminate our path
– Caroline Myss.

Alchemical Journey Guidelines and Agreement

In order for us to create sustained change in our lives, we need 3 golden keys.


The journey starts with the bravery to face the truth. This Awareness brings the conscious acknowledgment which is needed for change to be ignited.


Commitment to the Process gives the space for discovering hidden treasures within. This, in turn, activates the embracing of parts of ourselves which need love, understanding, and compassion.


Integration of whole parts, now dancing the art of living unison, anchored in the knowledge of who you are.

In the Spirit of achieving your intentions for your journey, gifting yourself the full embodiment of this alchemical experience, we invite you to step into these following agreements with yourself:

1.Give yourself permission to be brutally honest. It takes courage to allow yourself to be completely vulnerable. We can only change that which we can acknowledge. This courageous act will ultimately gift you the liberating freedom and the heart-connection your Soul thrives on, and is calling for.

2. Create an allocated time for self-reflection and growth-work between sessions. After completion of your journey, continue to dedicate this time to sacred practice. This will ensure integrated knowledge and leave space for expanding into deeper awareness.

3. Start a journal and allow yourself to be as creative and expressive as possible. This journey is about uncovering YOUR truth. I will be sharing my truth, and transformational techniques which worked both for myself and my students. My intention is to facilitate this inner journey of uncovering your unique gold, in an emotionally safe and confidential environment. I may, at times, strategically interrupt a story in order to get to the core issue, ensuring we stay on track, supporting you to align fully with your intentions to live your greatest fulfillment.

Who would benefit from these sessions? 

Are you feeling?

  • Overwhelmed;
  • Stuck;
  • Anxious;
  • Emotionally exhausted;
  • Powerlessness;
  • Restless;
  • Empty or disconnected;
  • Afraid to feel or be in touch with your true power

Are you experiencing?

  • Career challenges;
  • Confusion & seeking clarity;
  • Trouble letting go of betrayal;
  • Abusive or toxic relationships;
  • Disconnected from grace and needing spiritual growth;
  • Wanting more inner peace;
  • A deep knowing that its time for another level of personal growth.

These sessions are for you, if….

Heart & Soul Ready

You are ready to create whole wellness in your life and you are committed to the process of this transformational journey.


Your intention it is, to live, love and lead from the core of authenticity.


You are wanting to experience fulfillment, meaningful work with heart, soul and fire, personal freedom.

“The Work”

You are willing to do the inner work which will catalyze your best self & life.


You are ready for your next eve-solution in your profession, or refine your coaching skills. If this resonates for you, please head over to my Mentor Sessions page. 

I Love Working With

Women from all walks of life, who share the like-hearted intention of cultivating authentic living & leading.

  • Fempreneurs
  • Support Group Leaders
  • Executive Managers, Project Leads
  • Creatives
  • Coaches and Counselors
  • Group class teachers : yoga, dance, women’s circle facilitators

How do I book my session?

  1. Contact me on sessions@eleftheria.co.za
  2. We will then sync our diaries and book your sessions.
  3. Investment fees: ZAR 850,00 (* EURO 70,00 / USD 80,00) per session.                                                                                                                                                           *subject to currency fluctuations
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Terms and Conditions:

Zoom Session Disclaimer.
Please note: These sessions are entirely dependent on technology, which is out of my control, and does sometimes fail. If technology has failed on a scheduled zoom or skype session, then we will reschedule the allocated time-slot.

Terms and Conditions of Private Sessions.
By entering into any session, you the client agree to the following:

  • Be on time. Due to a full schedule, sessions must start and end on time.
  • Be fully present. Commit to time-out for the session with no interruptions. Please turn off cell phones/mute phones, and anything unrelated to our session or Skype call.
  • 48 hour cancellation policy: If a session needs to be rescheduled, please do so before 48 Hours of the scheduled appointment. You can reach me at sessions(at)eleftheria(dot)co(dot)za
  • Cancellations with less than 48-hours’ notice will be charged the full rate of the session.
• Payments are made before the session to secure your booking.
  • Once packages are paid for there is no refund. (Unless specifically stated otherwise as a special offer or promotion). All packages expire within 6 months, unless stated otherwise, of the official start date of the first session together.
  • Anything illegal or deemed to be of danger to yourself or others is not covered under confidentiality.
  • Referral: If the core issues are beyond the scope of my expertise, I will let you know and refer you to a highly recommended relevant therapist, clinical psychologist or psychiatrist.

I, Eleftheria Kakambouras RESERVE THE RIGHT to cancel sessions and stop working with any client or student at any time without any explanation. If Eleftheria Kakambouras decides that you – the client or student is not a good match for my sessions, facilitation method, services or products, I Eleftheria Kakambouras reserve the right to end our professional relationship. I Eleftheria Kakambouras reserve the right to NOT take you on as a client or student.

Please note that merely having the session with Eleftheria Kakambouras implicitly implies that you—the client / student agree and understand all the Terms and Conditions.