Sacred Feminine Rising

The world as we know it is in a process of transition on all levels ~ economically, emotionally, environmentally, in consciousness and spiritually.

In the last few centuries the experience of being a woman, has faced the full spectrum of disempowerment.

After a 5000 + year cycle of patriarchal rule, the energetic shifts of consciousness has brought us all to this pivotal moment in our evolution…A moment in which we can enter the balanced state of Divine masculine and feminine energy, both within ourselves and co-create this in our outer worlds. The sacred feminine energy has awoken, and is rising within women and men alike. There is a call world-wide for change, for the end of violence for the end of inequality, a call for unity, collaboration, living in harmony with the earth.
All has aligned in this moment for us to transmute this wound, unite collectively and co-create a world in which we live harmoniously with each other and our precious planet earth. It is time to start investing in the next 7 generations, leaving a legacy of sustainable, conscious behaviour, not stocks and bonds… and this change starts with us.

It starts with You and me…It is time to Rise….

Once we rise, we can hold this new boundary in sanctity solidly, when we have healed the collective wound and feelings of betrayal, resentment, anger and mistrust.

This experience and our collective *soul contract with the global evolutionary lesson of power, or rather this misuse of it, is now complete. We are finding the gift in the wound, and in this space of higher understanding, we are healing… globally…
*On some level we say “yes” to every experience. To be clear, this does not mean that we condone toxic behaviour, it gifts us a higher soul perspective as we evolve. Accountability is the most pertinent empowerment principle to integrate once you step into the emancipated path of conscious living. Accountability for co-creating every experience in your reality.  The second you embrace full responsibility for your thoughts, words, actions and energy you bring into every space, you stop being a victim and existing in a cruel world. You start to rise into a higher understanding, shifting into the experience of a goddess thriving in a magical world.

This shift starts with a uniting of the sacred feminine energy, that awakening goddess within you, that rises in unison with her sisters and brothers, standing in the clarity of authenticity and truth.
We are observing this expression all around us, with groups of human beings gathering to stand for their rights, saying no to anything that serves as the enslavement of our communities. This revolution can be expressed in conscious ways, in peaceful ways, in the likes of leaders who have already demonstrated that through Love we can accomplish a mass shift. Ghandi, amongst other way-showers, was an awe-inspiring example of peaceful revolution. I like to call this conscious way of standing united in our truth: a Lovalution. We can see this expression in the Meditation Mobs popping up all over the world, the occupy movement, and now on Valentines day the 1 Billion Rising movement.
1 Billion women and men, dancing and standing in the collective boundary of saying NO to violence against women and girls, saying NO to abuse, saying NO to any experience which does not hold the expression of the intrinsic Divinity with all of us.

Being alive at this time, witnessing the coming together of humanity, and the global awakening of reconnecting with the Divine spark within…. the awakening to a collective call to consciousness… is a truly humbling honour…. We are all a piece of this Divine Comic puzzle, and your piece is profoundly valuable. You have come here for great purpose beloved being…..This is what we are all here for, this is what we were  born to shift…

In this sacred space of standing in our balanced power ~ we access the fierce lion~heart within. It takes courage to stand in ones truth, and to behave in alignment with this authentically. This alignment is expressed as the lion~heart, the courageous heart.

When a woman stands in her balanced power, she is centred, rooted, a fierce force ~ cutting through all inauthenticity, illuminating the aspects that are without light, and with the power of Love~ transforming it.

Lets remember that reacting to a “wounding” with more abusive words, actions or behaviour is perpetuating the problem. The answer lies in remembering who we are as women…
Discerning our intention is key. If our fierceness rises from a space of darkness (bitterness, judgement, duality/ separation consciousness), we will be consumed by it and cause further harm. If our inner Lioness rises from a space of Light, from that space of unconditional Love expressed through the Divine Mother in setting boundaries, we are able to transmute lower vibration and its expression of behaviour through Love and Light.
Lovelight is often misinterpreted as a fluffy and formless feeling, depicted as a “hippy” happy girl with flowers in her hair, speaking to fairies, completely ungrounded in  connection to “reality”. The Lovelight I am referring to, is the kind that is expressed by the Divine Mother, emanating divine power. That special kind of boundary setting only a mother holds, with a single look, without a word being spoken. The boundary which communicates that this behaviour is NOT Ok, and has to stop immediately, all whilst holding you in a space of being Loved and in Light. You know what I’m talking about!

Our experience of abuse is linked to low self-esteem, a belief system of not being good enough and consequently the lack of boundaries. This creates a lowered threshold for tolerance of abusive behaviour and dynamics.
It is necessary to unplug from this patriarchal conditioning of being a second class citizen, and wholeheartedly embrace the truth of your being ~ that you are magnificent, and your birthright is love. You do not need to earn that right to be loved… the truth is that you are worthy of love simply because you exist in this world.

“ You are a soul of the soul of the Universe, and your name is Love” Rumi

This year, on the 14 February join, 1 Billion soul sisters (and brothers) in Rising through the ancient expression of the sacred feminine: dance. If you can not join a flashmob near you, dance in unison with your sisters, brothers, friends, colleagues, schools, families, circles at home.
One of the great mysteries of the sacred feminine is dance. Dancing your creation into physical manifestation. Let us dance into being a world free of violence for every woman, man and child… a world in which all woman and girls are safe and free…free to walk down the street without looking over your shoulder, constantly monitoring whether this street or area is safe, a world in which a woman can walk down the street naked and be safe ~ not labelled, or violated or killed, harassed or intimidated.

It is time to rise, to dance into being our collective new world ~ a world which refuses to accept violence against women and girls as a given, not an exception.

I will be joining a local gathering for this movement in solidarity for my sisters globally. I will be dancing in unison in the spirit of gratitude to my mother, my grandmother and all those women before me, who walked this path so that I can be free. In honour and gratitude of all those women before us, who stood up for our rights, for freedom, paving the way for us, and to those who continue today in this creation.

After we have collectively risen in the setting of this clear boundary, and awareness is awakened, our work as Lovalutionaries continues…

In the spirit of contributing to this powerful transition, my Lovalution offering is a 2-day journey into the heart of the great mysteries of the sacred feminine. A journey which facilitates the shift out of patriarchal conditioning of survival into the next chapter of our souls journey: thrival on all levels. A journey of Sacred Feminine Alchemy.

We are ready! We have been awaiting this return of the balance of the Divine feminine and masculine for 5000+ years… She is here now… do not be afraid of the beauty and depth of your magnificent being.

Release the attachments to old patterns and conditioning around security, relationships, love, money, health, education, science, philosophy, power, spirituality…

Make space for new information and possibilities to emerge…

Drop your eyes into your heart, and move from this sacred space… listening to your hearts knowingness….

May this be the year you shed the old and anchor thriving well-being on all levels.  May Every breath bring with it the wonderous opportunity of a new beginning. All you have to do is breathe, and choose anew!