The Root To Rise© Leadership Seminar aims to ignite an experiential conversation exploring the unique feminine leadership qualities, and how they can transform leaders, teams, eco-systems and our culture, so that we can empower others to step into their full potential.  

We will discuss the topic of restoring femininity in leadership and what this actually means. Research indicates that people en mass are asking for a new style of leadership, from the boardroom to the classroom.

Our world is rapidly changing in the aftermath of the patriarchal structures dismantling and this means there is a call for an inclusive, authentic leadership style. One which can navigate us in the direction of a sustainable, collaborative, regenerative future.

We will explore the questions:

Can we identify specific feminine leadership skills? Are they gender specific?

And if so, what impact do these qualities bring to our culture, in the workplace and in the community?

Can these soft skills be learnt and developed or are they innately present? 


 “Femininity is the operating system of twenty-first century progress. Women—and the men who can think like them—are creating a future we’ll all want to inhabit”  –  John Gezerma

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The Root to Rise© Leadership model facilitates both intra-personal development and interpersonal intelligence. Designed as a creative, inclusive, dynamic soft skill development tool which speaks into the core of our socio-economic challenges. 

The Root To Rise© Leadership development model identifies 8 principles of power. 

Power which is rooted in the psychology of wellbeing on all levels. We are often so focused on mitigating risk, that we forget we are working with people, who are at the centre of making a company, or business succeed. Fellow human beings who have the same fears, pain, wishes, dreams as we do. Our common needs to thrive are rooted in worthiness and belonging. 

This model incorporates both masculine and feminine qualities of leadership. Goals with soul. Results with heart. Contribution without contamination. Inclusion rather than exclusion. Participatory leadership which embodies both connection and results. 

Leadership is not a rank or a position, it is a choice – a choice to look after the person to the left of us & the person to the right of us.  –  Simon Sinek

At the heart of Root to Rise©, is a movement for the empowerment of women. A movement which has its roots in personal growth, authentic living, loving and leading, sacred activism, conservationcreative innovation, and social responsibility for our most pressing issues as a global community, all whilst Rooting for others in their Rise.

It takes a village to encourage, recognise one another, connect and open doors for each other. 


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Seminar Program

DAY 1 : Friday 28 September

16h00  || Registration

16h30 || Opening Session: Introduction to the concepts and research supporting the notion of feminine leadership traits being the future of innovation. We will explore the question: What are the unique characteristics of feminine leadership and is it gender specific? Research conducted by John Gezermo and his co-author, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Michael D’Antonio, surveyed 64,000 consumers in 13 nations, and traveled the world interviewing political and business leaders who embody the traits typically associated with women. Those include empathy, collaborativeness, vulnerability, selflessness, flexibility, and patience. The research indicates that there is a global yearning for both leaders, both men and women, to express these ‘feminine’ traits.

17h00 || Barbara Pinter Zupančič  presents the research conducted by Dr. Claire Zammit, from her thesis work on feminine leadership.

17h20 || Session 1: Building the foundation of Trust in an eco-systemic environment. This is the first principle of power in the Root To Rise Leadership development model. We explore the tools and psychology which cultivates trust in teamwork, and leadership. 

18h15 || Break

18h30 || Session 2: Courage and Creativity and its direct impact on innovation. This is the second principle of power in the Root To Rise Leadership development model. We explore the tools which assists us to support courage and creativity in the workplace, understanding its profound necessity for innovation. 

19h15 || Interactive discussion

19h40 || Shared insights, questions, and knowledge share.

20h00 || Closing session. 


DAY 2 : Saturday, 29 September

08h30 || Registration

09h00 || Session 3: Grit  & Grace. This is the third principle of power in the Root To Rise Leadership development model. We explore how both masculine and feminine traits of leadership qualities, creates a harmonious balance for empowerment.

10h00 || Guest Speaker: Barbara Pinter Zupančič

Barbara will present an inspiring talk on the topic: “Why unlocking feminine power is key to manifesting your vision”.

10h45 || Coffee & Tea Break

11h00 || Session 4: Collaboration and Compassion. This is the fourth principle of power in the Root To Rise Leadership development model. We discover how cultivating these qualities can improve both intra- and interpersonal development, directly impacting company culture,  and production.

12h00 || Interactive discussion.

12h45 || Lunch

13h45 || Guest Speaker. To be announced.

14h15 || Session 5: Active Listening and authentic communication. This is the fifth principle of power in the Root To Rise Leadership development model. One of the biggest challenges in business, and teams is giving and receiving constructive feedback. We’ll explore the pitfalls and learn tools to assist us in authentic communication skills. 

15h00 || Session 6:  Focus and Insight. This is the sixth principle of power in the Root To Rise Leadership development model. We explore the feminine principle of cyclical foresight, how this differs from linear thinking, and how this mind-set shift is the way of the future.

16h00 || Coffee/ Tea Break.

16h15 || Session 7: Intuitive Action. This is the seventh principle of power in the Root To Rise Leadership development model. We learn the practical tools of applying these concepts into everyday living. 

17h00 || Session 8: Rooting to Rise. This is the eighth principle of power in the Root To Rise Leadership development model. We learn about our psyche and biology, and that we are wired to work together for a greater cause. Discover the undeniable importance of fulfilment and meaningful work, its impact on both our well-being and the eco-system in the workplace. We learn some tools which we can integrate into our daily lives.

18h00 || Interactive discussion.

18h30 || Sharing insights, knowledge, and questions.

19h00 || Closing Session.

19h30 || Celebrating life and Feminine fulfilment!

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Eleftheria Kakambouras

Passionate about the human psyche and our interconnection to nature, my journey lead me from completing an Honours degree in Clinical Psychology, to following my heart in the direction of metaphysical therapies, deeply inspired by the body of work of great therapists such as Louise L. Hay and Virginia Satir. 

Dedicated to my craft as self-mastery facilitator, I passionately continue learning and expanding my knowledge in the field of psychology, archetype therapy, story telling, and authentic leadership.

Over the past 15 years I have gained valuable experience as counsellor and facilitator through private sessions for both the private & corporate sector; group seminars; public talks and sojourn retreats, in both South-Africa and Europe. 

I’ve expanded this vision to the corporate environment in the form of stress-management, eco-systemic leadership, personal development skills, and embedded authentic living into countless people’s lives.

I believe that we are at the precipice of global alchemy, and that now is the time to courageously awaken to the truth of who we are; to re-connect with our Innate Nature in Nature, and that this connection and awakening facilitates a state of grace, empowerment and a return to heart centred living.

I believe that what the world needs now is a re-framing of our disconnected culture… I believe that women are awakening to to their clarion call to catalyze this movement, to embody the unique qualities of feminine leadership, cultivating authentic living.

I stand rooted for women reclaiming their voice, restoring personal and professional fullfilment and actively stepping into feminine leadership for a better, braver, more connected and compassionate world. 


Barbara Pinter Zupancic

By formal education Barbara Pinter Zupančič obtains university degree in Economics , but her passion for soul quality life led her  to a position which is bringing her deep sense of serving humanity.

Today Barbara is a Feminine power coach and facilitator (mentored by the founder of Feminine Power Professional Training Network, Dr. Claire Zammit), transformational coach, speaker and expert in the field of personal transformation. She is guiding extraordinary people to relearn how to love, trust and embrace all of who they are. Her courage and her authentic confidence present the grounds on which she stands for herself and the others, especially women to overcome personal barriers they have to face with on their way to achieve highest potentials.


Her moto is : Stand for yourself ! This is your time, to take place you are entitled to! Let your life be meaningful, inspire others with grace and dignity. Become natural leader and thereby enrich life and society.


For more info, please visit her web site:


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•You know you are a purpose driven leader, who has been called into a deeper connection expressed through the feminine qualities leadership

•You care deeply about the earth, its people and you want to make a difference

•You are ready to do the inner work to transform your leadership style & to speak your truth

•You are interested in archetypes as a tool for personal & professional development

•You’re are rooting for the rise of women’s rights, equality, and the power of connection which the feminine brings

•You feel both excited and nervous about attending this retreat seminar.


This Seminar is NOT for you if…

You are not willing to step outside your comfort zone

You believe in profit over people and/you don’t believe in equality for all

You don’t want to do the inner work required to shift towards heart-centred leadership

You’re attached to blaming others & external circumstances for your happiness, success and well-being

You are not willing to look at your shadow self

You are not open-minded and you take more than you give

You don’t care about the earth or her well-being

Personal growth, ups killing yourself and major break- through’s is not your thing.

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One Day Pass:

  • Coffee/ Tea with light snacks
  • Introduction and Facilitation 2 Principles of the Root To Rise Leadership development model
  • Connecting with purpose-driven leaders

Two Day Pass:

  • Coffee/ Tea breaks
  • Full seminar on the Root To Rise Leadership development model
  • Delicious lunch (vegan and vegetarian options available with prior arrangement)
  • Connecting with purpose-driven leaders
  • Gift Bag
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Dear Purpose-driven Leader, 

I believe that the answer is Connection, and I know that the unique feminine qualities in women, and men who embrace these traits, hold the keys to restore our world. “The work” of this restoration starts within, since we lead by example… Being the change… one thought, one act, one family, one organisation, one system, one forest at a time. 

In the aftermath of dismantling from patriarchal conditioning, women are reclaiming their bodies, their voices, their power and their leadership roles en mass. In the wake of this watershed moment of the global #MeToo, we are called to actively step unto our purpose paths as women. 

Remember who you are…

Remember You are sacred purpose…

Remember your deep interconnection with the earth…

The time for us to Rise is Now. 

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. – Maya Angelou

I look forward to sharing this transformational Feminine Leadership Seminar with you. Can’t wait to bare witness to the creative collaborations which will arise from this experience!

Love. Truth. Freedom. 


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Seminar Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions issued by Eleftheria Kakambouras and Root To Rise© Seminars (contractor) are valid for services relating to seminars, agreed to between contractor and the seminar participant (client).

IMPORTANT: Please read the following booking terms and conditions before purchasing your seminar ticket. Your payment is your agreement to all the conditions stated below:


1.Postponement of seminar by contractor.

Wherever possible Eleftheria Kakambouras will never postpone a seminar, however, sometimes the unforeseeable can arise. If for any reason we deem it necessary to change the dates, venue, content, title, or hours we will notify you in writing by e-mail as soon as possible after the change has occurred. Any monies paid will be fully transferrable to another date and no change penalty will be incurred. 

We advise that if you are making any travels plans to get to the event that you strongly consider travel arrangements as a result of an event date change.

2. Cancellation of seminar by contractor. 

We reserve the right to cancel the seminar in the event if the minimum number of 20 participants do not register. If this should occur, you will be fully refunded. 

3. Service Provision and Copyright.

You, the client recognises our exclusive copyright to the works we have created. This also applies to the audio and image recordings relating to the seminar. Any reproduction, use, and / or distribution of said works by the client requires our written permission. All materials are subject to applicable copyright laws and are as such no section or part may not allowed to be copied or reproduced in any way with the express written permission from the contractor.

You further understand that you may be videoed and/or a digital recorded (audio) and your image may be photographed, and/or digitally recorded but may be used by the contractor for in-house training purposes, or marketing purposes solely at the discretion of the contractor. You agree not to ask for or expect any compensation from audio, photographs or video if you agree for them to be used for marketing purposes.

4. Payment Terms.

The seminar ticket fee is payable before the seminar commences, whilst registration is still open.   

5. Cancellation of event registration by Client.

All cancellation must be in writing. If the reason for cancellation is covered by your insurance policy, you may be able to claim these charges from your insurance. Cancellations requested by the client will result in the following payable fees, indicated as a percentage of the total seminar fee: 

  • Up to 42 days before the start of the event 40% of the seminar fee is forfeited;
  • Between 41 and 28 days before the start of the event 60% of the seminar fee is forfeited; 
  • Between 27 and 14 days before the start of the event 80% of the seminar fee is forfeited;
  • 13 days or less before the start of the event 100% of the seminar fee is forfeited. 

5.1. Transfer of registration to another party.  

Should the client be unable to participate in the seminar, she or he has the right to designate a replacement and must do so in writing. The replacement must confirm in writing that he or she has refunded the client for the full seminar fee. There are no extra costs for the designation of a replacement.

6. The contractor reserves the right to adjust prices without notice, to reflect fluctuations in foreign exchange rates, fuel cost or tariff rates.

7. The contractor, Eleftheria Kakambouras, purchases transportation, accommodation facilities and catering services from various independent suppliers that are not subject to its control. The contractor cannot, therefore, be held liable for any death, personal injury or any loss which may occur due to any act or omission of such supplier or by reason of any other event over which it has no control.

8. While every precaution is taken for the safety of the clients, Eleftheria Kakambouras and Root To Rise© Seminars does not hold itself responsible for force majeure, any accident, injury, death, illness, theft, loss of or damage to any property or delays from any cause whatsoever sustained or suffered by a client, occurring any time during the trip. The client hereby indemnifies and holds blameless the contractor, it’s members, agents and helpers from any claim of whatsoever nature.

9.These terms and conditions shall be interpreted according to the laws of the Republic of Slovenia.