The Call to Return to the Temple…

Women need to be so many different roles, to so many different people. We are Bosses and Colleagues, Mothers and Managers, Sisters and Sistars, Daughters and Friends, Wives and Partners, Earth Guardians and Gaia-Grid Keepers.

Who are we to ourselves? Are we our own critical parent, worst enemy, shadow queen…… or do are we embodying the self talk of a nurturing parent, best friend, and Luminous Goddess?

The one thing that connects all of these roles we engage in is the most powerful four letter word in every language:


The Goddess of Love, Aphrodite,  is calling women far and wide to come home to their inner truth.

She is stirring up deeper truths within us, which is leading us to ask the real questions about our relationships and our work in this world. This inner questioning catalyzes exploring new possibilities and illuminating creative solutions.


This is a time to intimately connect with your heart… clearly listening to what inspires you…
what ignites your passions….
what gives you pleasure…
and clearing the blocks which hinder your purpose.

In our daily routine, in the busyness of business we can get stuck in the “masculine” doing energy, and find little time to dedicate to our feminine fluid practice. Without this balance we feel exhausted, disconnected, irritable and experience creative block. 

Gift yourself the time out of daily routine, a space outside of the busy humdrum masculine business world.

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The pathways to conscious Love starts within. Aphrodite invites us to explore these pathways, emerging awakened.

I would like to invite you,
to answer Aphrodite’s call,
and step into her sacred temple…

Envision one whole week of connecting with the You that is You, diving into the sacredly feminine field of consciousness.

Access the depths of creative flow, luminous clarity, sensuous self, activate intuitive knowledge, holding a prayer for the earth, and her people, all in the midst of the sacred birth place of Aphrodite.
A soul-vacation which will leave you reconnected with your true self, ignited passions, clarified purpose, recharged and ready to return to your world embodying your unique Aphrodite archetype.

An opportunity to integrate the sacred wisdom of Love, Beauty, Ancient knowledge and feminine power into every moment forward.


Save the Date:

 30 October – 6 November 2017


Our Magnificent Hosts:

Zenning Elia Village

is a spa and beach relaxation wellness resort.

Situated  in the ecological region of Akamas and Chrysochous Bay of Cyprus at Latchi beach and marina, located on a few miles from the famous sacred Baths of Aphrodite and Aphrodite Nature Trail.

This 4-star hotel is built on sustainable principles with its organic garden, spring water, recycling and renewable energy practices, this is our first choice in venue selection!



You will experience :

  • Daily Yoga classes
  • Heroine’s journey sessions working with the archetype of Aphrodite
  • Greek soul-food : SOMA restaurant at ZENING serves Vegetarian, Vegan and Seafood cuisine. Food is home made specially, with lots of care and love from locally grown vegetables for Yogis. Detox & Special Diet menu is available upon request.
  • Day boat trip through the crystal clear waters to Blue Lagoon
  • Travel day to Aphrodite’s Sacred Temple sites
  • Nature hike to visit the awe-inspiring Baths of Aphrodite
  • Access to VEDA SPA Steam and Sauna rooms, Relaxation area and Herbal teas
  • 2 outdoor swimming pools & 1 indoor pool


Journey into the heart of beauty, love and sacred wisdom … in the playground of the great Goddess Aphrodite… Exploring the pathways to conscious Love…




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