6 -week on-line course

  • Do you wish to unveil the possibilities that are in your midst?
  • Are you ready to transcend into a new way of being?
  • Do you long to connect with your inner wisdom?
  • Wondering what your spirit guides are trying to tell you?
  • Ready to move beyond the illusion?
  • Are you ready to meet the truth of who you really are?


Sacred Feminine Alchemy is a journey into the heart of the divine feminine mysteries, offering  you the opportunity to release old structures which no longer serve you, integrating your true authentic self.

Spiritual Alchemy is a journey which flows in three parts: awakening (seeing the truth); activating (cleansing and purifying); and anchoring (integration of all the wisdom and lessons which came before, so that you can step fully into your authentic self).

If you would like to join this powerful healing integration of masculine and feminine energies that allows you to activate an expanded level of consciousness, book your seat on this transformational journey today!

Each week we will be diving deeper into the mysteries of sacred feminine alchemy, and end each webcast with a powerful activation meditation.

  • Discover your inner Goddess
  • Align with living your authentic self
  • Clear past life & lineage blockages
  • Access the alchemy of Sacred Union within
  • Heal the wounds that hinder true happiness
  • Tune into your unique thrival template to create prosperity, and well-being on all levels


This course consists of:

  • 6 video tutorials walking you through each topic and theme of the alchemical journey
  • 6 MP3 alchemic guided meditations
  • Creative journaling
  • Insightful connections
  • Q & A session with Eleftheria


Investment : R 620,00

Magic happens when women circle together!

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