AOR E-course


The art of receiving is a 6 lesson on-line experience. Its a journey for women of all ages.

Join us for a creative adventure into self-discovery, and empowerment. A 6 week guided sojourn into the heART of the feminine wisdom of receptivity.


Opening your heart and receiving is a deeply vulnerable act…

The receptive principle is a sacred feminine practice,

which gifts us a sense of

purpose, presence and power.

Without practicing this aspect of life, we stop the flow, and topple off balance.

Women often struggle with receiving, as we are natural nurturers, care-givers, and carry an old paradigm of “sacrificing our own well-being for the sake of the family, community or in the name of “peace”.

Over the years I have worked with countless women, especially mothers, who feel guilty about receiving nurturing themselves, for example: a massage, time for self-care, acknowledgement, love, a compliment. When we give until we are exhausted, and receive nothing in return, we become resentful, and we can swing in the other direction of thinking only of ourselves.

This deeply sacred practice is an art.


Each week we will explore themes which opens our awareness, shifts blocks, and anchors our personal truths. Together we will :

  •  learn how to embody the feminine principle of receptivity on all levels
  • clear the blocks to receveing
  • re-writing the stories
  • work with the Aphrodite Archetype
  • and reconnecting with our authentic power.


This course is for women who want to overcome the illusive barriers, and live an authentic life of peace, joy, love and personal freedom.


Course Outline:

Through the creative process of art journaling we will explore:

Week 1 | 16 August | Intentions & Meeting our Aphrodite Archetype

Preparing for the journey. Clarifying your intentions,  asking the catalytic questions and getting acquainted with our creative spirits and art journaling. Liberating our Aphrodite Archetype is profoundly important in awakening, activating & anchoring the art of receiving.


Week 2 | 23 August | Clearing Blocks

Identify the blocks which are stopping you from receiving that which you most want to experience.

What do you want, which you are not having right now?

Are you exhausted from giving all of yourself, energy to others? And not receiving anything in return?
Are you wanting to be in a soul-mate relationship?
How do you feel when someone compliments you?
Do you feel exhausted, overwhelmed, lost?
Do you feel like you have a block in receiving love, acknowledgment, money, acceptance, pleasure, intuitive wisdom?
Do you know what to do, to feel the way you want to feel?


Week 3 | 30 August | Healing the Mother/Daughter wound

We learn from our mothers how to receive in life. Little girls imprint on their mothers, and learn positive and negative ways in which to engage receiving – love, feedback, praise, trust, pain, relationships, and self-compassion.

Often we carry a mother-line lineage wounding in the form of beliefs passed down the generations which no longer serve us.


Week 4 | 6 September| Healing the Animus

The feminine can unfurls and open her blossoming heart when she is held in the safe container which the masculine provides. We learn from our fathers how to be in this world. If we have any masculine wounding, we do not feel safe enough to be vulnerable, to ask for what we need, to open to fully receiving.


Week 5 | 13 September| Alchemy

Whole-hearted living is experienced through the integration of both the feminine (receptivity) and masculine (active) principles. Ancient Mystery schools taught the wisdom of inner alchemy, the ‘hieros gamos’ (Greek for sacred marriage). Shifting from internal conflict between the active and receptive parts of ourselves, into a gracious flow of giving and receiving in balance. Working consciously with these two parts of ourselves affects all of our relationships.


Week 6 | 20 September| Nurturing your vision

Creating a go-to guide for practical spirituality. Setting up a personal practice for real-life dynamics, , integration of newly acquired aha’s, tools & skills. Embracing the practice of gracious gratitude.


You will experience the Art of Receiving through:

  • Learning how to embody the full Radiance of your authentic Sophia Self.
  • Discovering your true vision & learning how to nurture it.
  • Integrating the receptive principle of feminine wisdom.
  • Open to welcoming what you say you want to have, be, experience or live.
  • Connecting to the Source of intuitive knowledge.



Answer the call and receive:

  • Weekly instructional videos
  • PDF handouts
  • Creative art journaling exercises and writing prompts
  • 2 Live Q & A sessions
  • Closed virtual discussion group to share the experience



8 is the number associated with prosperity. The symbol of eternity, the element of water, the double helix of the DNA code and the balanced feminine & masculine aspects. It recognizes that without structure and rhythm, energy can not be organised. It exemplifies the will-power  to make ideas manifest reality.

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