Healing the Masculine

A hero’s journey into the wound of the inner masculine

As we are emerging from a lineage of suppressed expression, repressed visioning, and destructive disconnection to the body of life, Mother Nature herself, we are awakening to the truth of the sacredness of the feminine.

In our wounding, we have lost the connection to her wisdom of balanced power, her acceptance of the grace in cycles, her discernment of sacred knowledge and the sagaciousness of heart-centered leadership in interdependent community.

Through our own internal masculine wounding, and the consequence of rejecting and abandoning him, we step into a deeply damaging relation to power. We stay stuck, often unknowingly in an unhealthy version of the inner masculine. Our animus is patterned on the men in our lives, specifically our father figures, and on their mother’s own animus. In its wounded state our animus is represented by the Shadow King archetype will hold us back with patriarchal judgements through domination, competition, fear-aggression, confrontation and criticism. This internal critic may tell is that our self-limitation is due to being too fat, too old, not educated enough, too pretty, single / unmarried, too opinionated, or damaged goods. Until this aspect comes into balance, the feminine can not move into interdependence and true sacred feminine consciousness.

The masculine is the container for the feminine. This container is woven into its purpose with the Divine masculine qualities of clarity, focus, intention, strong boundaries, courage, stamina, and persistence.


This Hero’s Journey plays a pivotal part in the wholeness of being for every woman. This wound affects both our inner and outer world:

  • Co-dependent relationships ~ with partners, children, food, money, work and our bodies.
  • Leadership styles ~subconsciously we have abandoned feminine leadership for the illusive approved masculine driven style.
  • Emotional well-being ~ resolving all masculine trauma and inherited unhealthy patterning.
  • Disconnection ~ from the inherent Nature of all things, cycles, nurturing, fluidity, intuition.

Who will this So-Journ experience benefit?

This Mind, Body, Heart So-Journ is an invitation to women from across all walks of life. Whether you are a Divine Feminine Coach or Corporate Boardroom Goddess, this internal conflict affect us all, and consequently our community around us.

I have specifically designed this Journey to suit all levels of personal and spiritual consciousness.


Gain awareness of the internal patterning which affects your current and future personal and professional relationships. The first step to empowerment is acknowledging the wound and becoming fully aware of its effects on your daily life.


Integrate the healing of this masculine wound, establishing a healthy animus which aids you practically with the gifts of clarity, focus, strong boundaries, assertive communication, courage to share your authentic self, heart-centered leadership and stamina to stay on course in the direction of your true north.

Wise Woman:

Anchor the collective consciousness of this healing and its wisdom for the microcosm within, and the macrocosm without. Holding sacred space for the group journey and share your wise insights.

Training Details

This on-line journey is a 4 week Hero’s Journey into the heart of the “father wound”.

Dates: A full cycle around the moon starting on new moon  4 July – 27 July 2016

You will receive:

  • Weekly e-mails with guidelines and self reflective exercises.
  • Guided Meditations designed specifically to heal this issue.
  • Access to a private discussion room, where we can share and grow together.
  • Helpful Resources on the topic in the format of Tedtalks, articles, and videos.
  • Journaling & creative art therapy exercises
  • Private Feminine Wisdom Oracle reading with Eleftheria.

How much time will I need to invest? Keeping in mind that we all have busy schedules, this e-course is designed so that you can choose how much you would like to engage the process with the time you available to invest in the process.


Times: Follow in your own time, or attend the live Q & A sessions.


Access our “Virtual Training Room” from your computer in the comfort of your own home.


Investment: EUR 65 || $ 75

*subject to currency fluctuations.


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