It has long been known that journaling as a therapeutic tool is highly beneficial. This method of recording our thoughts and feelings can assist us with self-reflection and subsequent personal development. Art Journaling is a way of including creative expression to the journaling process. Through creatively expressing our insights we integrate new found knowledge from our minds, through our hands and into our hearts and bodies.

Reclaiming our creative spirit is a powerful tool which can be assist us to cultivate:

  • self exploration;
  • stress reduction;
  • creative problem solving;
  • catalyze innovative ideas and
  • lead to increased self esteem.


Art Journals as a self exploration tool can assist us to unravel layers of emotions, especially during times of struggle, and find the inherent lessons and wisdom in these experiences.

Why is Creativity important?

Creativity is directly linked to our capacity to innovate and create change through being vulnerable. The process of creation is profoundly important to our psyche and wellbeing. When we suppress the feminine principle of expression through creativity we can become stuck, stifled, too serious, exhausted and feel a general sense of lack of joy.
Some of our deepest wounding is around creativity. The shame trigger for creativity is comparison, and comparison steals our joy! We believe that we are not creative, that we ‘can not even draw a stick figure’.

We stop ourselves from creating something because we compare ourselves to others, and our ‘perfectionist archetype’ kicks in, and we do not even start the project.

The Good News is that there is no right or wrong way to create your art journal. The truth is that you have an Inner Artist, waiting to express herself. The truth is, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that everything you journal and create will be beautiful, insightful, empowering … if you choose to see it this way… The power lies in the beholder….


Art Journal Classes in Elgin: 

Tuesday Mornings  || 10h00 -12h00

Art Journaling E-course: Art of Receiving