Personal development circles. These circles are on-going through out the year.

The Circle is a healer. A place in which to be authentic, trusting, safe, caring, available, vulnerable and open to change.

The Circle is a place of inquiry. A place to be open, to discover yourself, to risk being seen, to be sensitive, to be vulnerable.

The Circle is a place of listening. A place to engage the heart, enhance our self esteem, find our voice, speak our truth, uncover our story, feel heard and receive deep medicine.

The Circle is a place of support. A place to question who we are and examine our perceptions. A place where answers arise, where we discover our true Selves, where our truth is revealed, where we let go of being right, where it’s ok to feel our feelings and deepen relationships.

The Circle is a place of equality, where each woman is a teacher and every woman a healer.

~ Kami McBride, “The Magic of a Circle”