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Heart Centered Facilitation

A facilitator training course which will equip you with the skills to create a safe learning environment, understand group dynamics, process facilitation skills, empowering facilitator tools, how to deal with manipulative characters and when to refer, support group etiquette, facilitator ethics and professional conduct.

Utilizing the unique group facilitation tools of:

  • The power of story telling,
  • The healing benefits of the circle and
  • The alchemical journey process.

International Training || October 2016

Applications HERE


Overview of the training:

This comprehensive facilitator training course is specifically designed for group process facilitation and is suitable for women who facilitate support groups,  women’s circles, metaphysical training and the corporate facilitation environment.

The program will enable participants to establish professional facilitation skills, gaining practical experience through role-play in a supportive learning setting.


Program elements include:

A blended facilitator training course which consists of both on-line and in person training. The first 3 on-line modules include : articles, theory, educational & inspiring videos, discussions, Q & A forums, and four assignments. The fourth module is a 4- day intensive training program which concludes with a practical facilitation session for assessment. This module prepares participants to effectively facilitate groups and integrate learning into ongoing development.


What is Unique about Catalyst Facilitation?

Catalyst facilitation is a unique method which utilizes the hero and heroine’s journey as a structural guideline in facilitating the group process. The method is further enriched by drawing on the ancient healing tradition of the circle, its power of storytelling and the skill of catalytic questioning which ignites change in the direction of heart centered living.

Facilitation challenges covered in the training:

  • Wielding the gift of being a catalyst; asking the tough questions
  • Dealing with disruptors, distractors, disengaged behaviour,  pathological personalities in groups and consequently;
  • How their behaviour effects the whole group dynamic;
  • Supporting participants through a process in the group environment;
  • Effectively dealing with ab-reaction during meditative and emotional processes;
  • Authentic, effective and ethical group coaching methods;
  • Staying grounded as a facilitator in the midst of disruptive behaviour.



Testimonial, CFT

Criteria of applicants :

  • Coaches & Counselors
  • Trainers & HR Managers
  • Women who facilitate women’s circles
  • Yoga teachers & Conscious dance facilitators
  • Women who have a comprehensive understanding of personal growth and see themselves as leaders, wanting to facilitate women’s circles.


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Attendance by successful application and registration.

Catalyst Facilitators

 What to expect in terms of training hours & learning objectives click HERE.


Upcoming Training:

International Catalyst Facilitator Training hosted in the beautiful country of Slovenia.

* October Dates 2016 *

Module 1 || On-line || 4th October
Module 2 || On-line || 11th October
Module 3 || On-line || 18th October
Module 4 || 4-DAY Intensive || 26 -30 October


Registration & Payment Options:


*Early Bird || Pay in full before 15 August 2016 to benefit.



Pay in 2 installments || (1) 715 EUR due 25 July (2) 715 EUR due 25 August 2016



Pay in 3 installments || (1) 510 EUR due 25 June (2) 510 EUR 25 July (3) 510 EUR 25 August 2016


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