Practicing daily devotion

Since the “modernization” of our society, we have lost the ritual of devotion and its invaluable benefits.
As we return to a conscious way of being, we remember the upliftment and alignment which the sacred rituals of devotion can bring us.

Devotion describes the expression of practicing dedication to a principle, cause, person or to Source. It is often observed in old religious practices.

The devotion I am speaking of here, is Love. In my opinion love is a devotion. It is the action of honouring every being (including yourself) with respect, and seeing the sacredness of each being through compassion.
Expressing devotion to your being, aligns you with your authentic self – this is the sacred practice of loving yourself.

The way you start your day, is the preview of how you will experience the rest of the day.
The way in which you end your day, is the way you will rest and rejuvenate body and mind.

When we get stuck in the rut of the rat race, we no longer make time for sacred practice of devotion. Even if your practice is a few minutes of silence – this devotion feeds your body, mind and soul, and aligns you with inner peace.

We often get distracted with life’s routines and the illusions of dramas around us. These distractions facilitate a disconnection to our inner wisdom, peace and love ~ a shift from heart to mind. Bring your sacred practice of devotion into each task you do during your day, keeping you in the flow of heart connection. This is practical spirituality, and it starts with daily devotion.

At the start of each day:

✽ Connect with the Divine Spark within you ~ aligning you with your life purpose;
✽ Bring your attention into your heart space ~ call forth your Divine Self to be present through a dedication of gratitude;
✽ Set clear intentions ~ honour your value system:

this daily spiritual practice will assist you to move forward into each moment in resonance with your authentic self, assisting you to flow with the currents of life and keeps you grounded and focussed.

Have you found your resonant daily devotional practice?

You are an infinitely creative being. There are countless ways of creating your own unique daily devotional and sacred practice. Choose practices which work for you ~ this in itself is a way in which you honour yourself.
Make sure your chosen practice leaves you feeling uplifted, inspired, and aligned with inner peace. Allow it to feed your soul, and calibrate your cellular structure in tingling, energetic delight!

Examples of ways in which you can express your sacred practice :
Yoga: start your practice with the chanting of OM before doing yoga positions. The intention is to call forth your Divine self to be present in your practice.
Meditation : you could also do a walk meditation, in which you repeat a mantra, or focus on your breath.
Positive Affirmations: find a quiet space, clear your mind and sing, write and repeat your daily affirmations.
Spend quiet time in nature: listen to the wind, feeling the cleansing power of the ocean, connect with the trees, feel the natural rhythm and pulse of the earth.

It is in the stillness that we find our Divine Spark, and when we consciously connect with it, that Light shines brighter.
Your essence will always naturally gravitate towards the peace and love vibration.

I have always found my peace and devotional practice in the presence of Mother nature. She has been a sacred sanctuary for me.

Music can also be a very powerful devotional tool.
I leave you the beautiful sounds of a Devi Prayer- a Hymn to the Divine Mother.

Much Lovelight