Ordinary Magic

IMG_1227Do you see the magic?

In the hustle and bustle of our whirlwind lives, we are constantly bombarded with messages to produce more, become more, and dazzle to be noticed.
Our newsfeeds are filled with posts like : 4 ways to be extraordinary, 6 tips on how to make your relationship legendary worthy, 8 ways to make a gazillion dollars, 9 foods that will make you super skinny, and 50 shades of how to be the sexiest woman in the mirror on the wall.

The true magical moments slip past us in our quest to fulfill our wounded “should’s” list .

Through this message of being nothing less than extraordinary, we are teaching our children, each other, and ourselves that You are NEVER ENOUGH. And in order for you to be enough, you need to tick every box on the “should’s” list.

I too, fell prey to this belief, as I bought into a marketing experts advice, who told me to use my “gift” of intuition and medium-ship as the X-factor in sharing my work. I have since retracted from sharing this, since I believe we are all intuitive, and setting myself apart feels inauthentic. I observed that this belief of needing to be extraordinary is rooted in the wounding of feeling unworthy, not enough, and truly all our little inner child wants….. is to belong.
I apologise if you have seen any of my interviews in which I speak about my “extra-ordinary life”. This has always been my fear of mine….recording interviews… to have an outdated belief out there forever!
It has gifted me the opportunity for self-compassion and practicing letting go of my self judgment for this.

When we let go of all illusive expectations, encoded should be’s, “should have’s and should do’s….

We open our eyes and finally see the ordinary as true magic!

We are continually expanding, growing, extending our previous understanding of sacred knowledge, and in the contractions we integrate this information, so that when we flow in expansion again, we share a deeper truth. This is the nature of our growth cycle. Like the might oak tree which grows in spurts and then rests…

Our authenticity is found in the vulnerable sharing of our expanded truths, it is awakened in the ordinary moments, in our re-connection to what is real and true.
Why is ordinary not enough?
What can be more magical than life itself?

When we are hooked into this illusive paradigm, and we can not achieve this “perfection”, we begin to feel shame, guilt and we start to numb… The wholehearted living work of Brene Brown speaks into this concept in her deeply valuable  Tedtalk: The price of invulnerability.

After healing another layer of worthiness, and letting go of the “extraordinary label”, I am finding the magic in the ordinary moments… In the light which reflects on the morning dew of the leaves of a tree…. the smell of freshly picked herbs, the warmth of a burg wind…. the delight in seeing the adorable positions my cat sleeps in….. the crinkle on the face of a beloved…… in the song of the bird at dusk when another day draws to its closing….

These magnificent moments are the magic…. What ordinary magic will you experience with all of your sense today?