Mentoring sessions with Eleftheria are designed to facilitate your personal evolution within the scope of the personal development field. As coaches, counselors, and leaders, we need a safe space to debrief, to unpack our own stuff which arises during our work, and an accountability guide with someone who can relate to the specific field of personal development work and all it entails.

Who would benefit from mentoring sessions? 

  • You are a coach, counsellor, team leader or women’s circle leader
  • You are interested in authentic leadership
  • You would like to incorporate feminine leadership qualities such as inclusivity, collaboration, intuition, cyclical process, compassion, and fempowerment
  • You are wanting to offer your services through the sacred feminine way

What will we cover in our mentoring sessions? 

  • Clearly defining your ethics and values
  • Identifying pathology which is outside your scope of expertise, and how and to whom to refer to
  • Professional boundary setting
  • How to identify and avoid transference
  • Cultivating your unique coaching or counselling style
  • Continuing your own personal growth

How will it work?

If you live in the Cape Town area, we can work together in my office in Grabouw. If you live outside the Cape Town area or abroad, we will work together through Zoom sessions.

I offer two packages:

Option 1 : 12 weeks

12-week mentee program. We meet once a week for 12 consecutive weeks.

Option 2 : 1 year

1- year mentee program. We meet twice a month for 1 year.

If you would like to sign up as a mentee or know more, send me an e-mail with your inquiry.

I am committed to your professional and personal transformation and empowerment,  knowing that your clients’ lives will be enriched by the inner work you invest in your service capacity.

May we cultivate a braver, compassionate and heart-centered world for the wellbeing of the next 7 generations!

Eleftheria Kakambouras
Cherie Blair Foundation Mentor Alumni