Healthy Boundaries Live Masterclass

Date 2019-05-18-2019-05-19
LocationLiving Art Permaculture Centre, Grabouw

Mastering the Art of Boundary setting and honouring are the keys to experiencing personal freedom, clarity, and thriving relationships.

Clearly setting and maintaining boundaries can make or break a relationship, loveship or career.

Often we are unclear about what boundaries actually are, and unaware of how mastering this skill can radically transform our lives in the direction of heart-centered living, loving and leading.

In the absence of clearly defined boundaries, chaos thrives. When we are unclear about our personal boundaries and the behaviour, people, and experiences we do or do not want to allow, invite and include in our lives, we will experience:

  • toxic drama triangles
  • betrayal or broken trust
  • be taken advantage of
  • avoid conflict
  • broken relationships
  • bullying
  • choose unhealthy partnerships
  • low self-worth
  • feel overworked and anxious at the office
  • feel overwhelmed, exhausted, disappointed, and stuck
  • struggle with hard conversations
  • feel guilty saying “No”

If you can relate to any of the above, then you probably need to clearly define your boundaries, discover the root cause of why you haven’t set them, and up-skill your boundary toolkit!

Teaching the inner work and skills required to Master Healthy Boundaries has been a recurring topic in both my private sessions with women and in group seminars, over the course of more than a decade. The results of this powerful, life-altering practice are so deeply valuable, that I was inspired to create a live 3-day Masterclass seminar and private online course. 

Read more about the MASTERCLASS program, costs, and booking Here.

All inclusive:

This 3 Day Live Masterclass includes:

  • A comprehensive manual with worksheets
  • Access to online resources
  • Delicious organic Lunch and beverages
  • Follow up check-in circle after the masterclass is complete


Not included:

  • Transport to the venue.
  • Accommodation in Elgin Valley. If you would like to make a weekend of it, I can send you various accommodation choices in the area. 

If your body, mind, and heart have been calling you to master the art of boundaries, then Book your seat ASAP by clicking on the button below.
I’ll send through the registration details and get you started on the journey to having extra energy, tools for dealing with energy vampires & manipulative characters, and empowering mind shifts to say No – Guilt-free! 


Click on the image to view my Facebook Live talk, covering the 3 core reasons people don’t honour our boundaries. 



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