The art of Collaboration, both with one another and within ourselves is in essence the practical expression of circle wisdom.   

As our world is shifting, changing and rumbling through her transformation, it is through united strength that we can direct the shifts toward a better world. The power of a movement has always been in the hands of the people, united, collective, with one heart and one vision.

Collaboration is one of the Feminine’s most formidable leadership qualities. If we want to thrive in our authentic natural state of interconnection with all of life, then we will need to start working together towards this goal.

If we observe the eco-system of beautiful creatures co-existing within a tree, we notice a symbiotic, harmonious sharing of resources. The squirrel, the birds, the worms, the insects, the tree, the rich soil and the tree itself taking only what is needed for the whole to not only survive but thrive.

The great mother seek to restore balance in all things in nature. When we apply this wisdom of nature to our lives, we rediscover our divine nature.

This collaboration is inherently interdependent. The whole is healthy and will thrive in a flowing system of other whole parts. When we step into a circle, communication, conflict resolution, or partnership and we do not bring our whole-hearts into the interaction, it will be off balance…. we may take more than we need or give less out of fear, resentment, guilt, or struggle…
It starts within…. we can not give that which we do not have….
When we are divided between following the call of our hearts and the critical parent talk in our heads
OR we refuse to listen to our intuitive whispers, instead staying in the comfort of certainty
OR we close off our hearts in fear of rejection, instead of courageously being vulnerable….

Life flows in deeply fulfilling ways when we choose the collaboration of our complexity, integrate our archetypes, and align body, heart, mind and soul.

I am in deep awe and state of grace for all the women before me…… who paved the way for us to be free…..

I believe it is now our turn to pay this forward for the next 7 generations. For me this liberation starts with awakening the sacred feminine within the hearts of girls and women alike, to unplug from patriarchal conditioning and liberate the Aphrodite Archetypes within….

May we lead by example and express our authentic natures…