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Facilitation is an art. Having a clear strategy and skill-set for conquering the challenges of group coaching is essential for authentic facilitation. 
I have assisted many facilitators and teachers with these skill-sets over the years in a private capacity.  After numerous requests to “create a training course which would equip facilitators with these skills“, and 15 years experience in facilitating women’s process groups, I am finally ready…. and deeply honoured to be answering this call.


A facilitator training course which will equip you with the skills to create a safe learning environment, understand group dynamics, process facilitation skills, empowering facilitator tools, how to deal with manipulative characters and when to refer, support group etiquette, facilitator ethics and professional conduct.

Utilizing the unique group facilitation tools of:

  • The power of story telling,
  • The healing benefits of the circle and
  • The alchemical journey process.



What is unique about the Catalyst Facilitation Method? 


Catalyst facilitation is a unique method which utilizes the hero and heroine’s journey as a structural guideline in facilitating the group process. The method is further enriched by drawing on the ancient healing tradition of the circle, its power of storytelling and the skill of catalytic questioning which ignites change in the direction of heart centered living.

Through out my years in my practice and observing the field of personal development and training, I have noticed that group facilitators; adult educators; and holistic teachers have struggled to facilitate group dynamics. Especially those disruptive characters, like the chatty Cathy’s, the attention seeking Abbie’s and the drama queen Deborah’s. If you are ill equipped, it affects the group experience and your confidence to facilitate process work effectively. 

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utilizes the hero and heroine’s journey as a structural guideline in facilitating the group process and its stages of transformation. 

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drawing on the ancient healing tradition of the circle, the power of storytelling and its biological affects on the body. 

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catalytic questioning which ignites the aha moment, the epiphany, the realisation which sparks sustainable change.

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Wielding the gift of being a catalyst; asking the tough questions with compassion. 




Dealing with disruptors, distractors, disengaged behaviour,  pathological personalities in groups and consequently how their behaviour effects the whole group dynamic.




Supporting participants through the process of transformation in the context of a group environment.

Crisis Manage


Effectively dealing with ab-reaction during meditative and emotional processes. 



Authentic, effective and ethical group coaching methods.


Staying grounded as a facilitator in the midst of disruptive behaviour.


 The best teachers are those who show you where to look,
but don’t tell you what to see.  

– Alexandra K. Trenfor

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Want to share meaningful work with Soul, Heart & Fire? OR 
Do you already have a women’s circle and want to refine your facilitation skills? 

Group class teachers : yoga, dance, women’s circle facilitators
Women in Business Network organisations. 
Social entrepreneurs || Support Group Leaders
Managers || Team leaders || Coaches || Counsellors

This training is for Women who have a comprehensive understanding of personal growth and see themselves as leaders, wanting to facilitate women’s groups.


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1. Soul-business

Building a business with heart

2. Leading edge

Being a pioneer in the field of catalyst facilitation leadership.

3. Community

Be part of the Catalyst Facilitation Community.

4. Confidence

Facilitating with authenticity and confidence. 

5. Skill-set

Learn a unique facilitation method which incorporates feminine leadership principles.

We all need a sacred witness in life,
a person who can listen without judgement,  
while knowing the right questions to ask
that continually illuminate your path.

– Carolyn Myss

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I believe that what our world needs now is a catalyst for change movement.
In order to activate compassionate leadership, re-connection to natural ways of being, redirecting all energy and focus into renewable resources in economics, social entrepreneurship, communities and paradigm shift into heart centered living for all.

I believe that when you educate a woman, you educate a community.
Women are natural educators, networkers, and circle leaders.  I believe that woman hold within them the key…. a catalytic essence which leads to:
law-changing campaigns: e.g. women’s rights || new ways of being ||
peaceful resolutions || bringing compassion back into the boardroom ||
& the crucial current activist movement for conservation,
so that the next 7 generations can thrive!

I believe that facilitation as a leadership style and tool is
the way forward for a thriving future.

I wholeheartedly feel that it is women’s clarion call to lead this
eve-olution, & that we were born to do this!

If you are reading this, you know that on some level you are answering the soul-purpose you are here to fulfil.  The world needs your uniques gifts – now more than ever. 

Looking forward to sharing the empowerment, fulfilment and compassion which flows from facilitation with you!

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demonstrate knowledge about group dynamics


demonstrate knowledge about best practices of engagement, facilitator ethics and professional conduct.


demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the alchemical journey process


demonstrate the capacity to build a safe environment for group process work


demonstrate practical facilitation skills such as active listening


demonstrate knowledge about  support group etiquette


demonstrate  a clear sense of self evaluation


demonstrate an integrated approach to receiving and giving feedback


develop their own facilitation structural guideline


demonstrate the knowledge about best practices and strategies in containing a safe environment in case of manipulative group attendees


demonstrate understanding and implementation of the Catalyst Facilitation Method.



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A blended facilitator training course which consists of both on-line and in person training.

A four day intensive training program prepares participants to effectively facilitate groups and integrate learning into ongoing development.

The 4 module on-line program includes online readings, web-based activities, facilitated on-line discussions, four assignments and a practical assessment.

Catalyst facilitation is a unique method which utilizes the hero and heroine’s journey as a structural guideline in facilitating the group process. The method is further enriched by drawing on the ancient healing tradition of the circle, its power of storytelling and the skill of catalytic questioning which ignites change in the direction of heart centered living.  

Download Program Details HERE

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Drama Detox E-Book. An empowering guide to living in the drama-free zone. 


50% Discounted Investment.  This will be the last time I will be teaching this Facilitation Training at this discounted rate. All the value at half the price!


Private facebook group to share facilitation progress, triumphs and encouragement.


Community. The deep value of sharing facilitation with a circle of like-hearted sisters. Facilitators need decompression, and a debriefing space to reflect on their own personal growth through the group experience. 


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Seminar Details

This training course is a blended program consisting of e-learning and a  

4 day intensive in- person training module.  

DATES 2018:

Module 1  || On-Line: 21 September
Module 2
||  On-Line : 12 October
Module 3
|| On-Line: 2 November
Module 4
||  Intensive, 30 Nov – 3 Dec
Module 5
|| Practical, dates t.b.c.

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Please send through your inquiry to cft@eleftheria.co.za, and I will send through the application forms. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. 

All inclusive:

This 3 Month Facilitation Training course includes:

  • A comprehensive manual with worksheets
  • Access to the on-line study course
  • 15 years of invaluable practical experience packaged in 5 modules
  • Practical Assessment of the Catalyst Facilitation Method. 

Not included: 

  • Transport to the venue.
  • Accommodation in Elgin Valley. If you would like to make a weekend of it, I can send you various accommodation choices in the area.