Divine Masculine

I have just returned from another deeply enriching experience from the only country in the world with the word “LOVE” in it… SLOVEnia. There is truly something so magical about this land, her people, and her magnificent forests, lakes and rivers.
One of the many reasons I love Slovenia is that the culture is connected to nature….. through the practice of homegrown vegetables… in almost every garden in the cities and countryside… walking in the forests and seeing women collecting spring pine-needle shoots for a traditional cough syrup….. the honey and herb mead…. their deep love and pride for their enchanting forests … rivers and lakes… Its truly inspiring…
I think the biggest gift of travel is sharing with locals our amazement, appreciation and gratitude for “seeing new things”. We often become blind to the treasure around us, we become complacent. I love experiencing South-Africa through the eyes of travels too, it re-ignites my love & passion for Mamma Afrika…

What are you taking for granted? What do you need to see through a fresh perspective?

During our powerful journey into the heart of the Receptive practice of the feminine, we unraveled our shadows and fears around the vulnerability of opening to receiving, and most importantly we worked with the wounding of our inner masculine….

Often I have observed a mono focus on the feminine in the personal/spiritual growth work out there in the name of the Sacred Feminine. Working solely with the feminine creates an imbalance….
When the river does not have a riverbank to hold, contain and co-guide it through the landscape, the river can overflow and flood the planes.….

Without an integrated divine masculine,the feminine willl never feel safe enough to express her true nature, unfold her creative genius, nor share her innate gifts with the world…

This brings me to the topic of power, and its relation to the animus…
In Jungian Psychology the masculine aspect of the psyche within a woman is called the animus. This represents our active qualities, the manifestation of ideas into the physical reality.
We model our inner masculine on our fathers and consequently our paternal grandmothers’ animus.… for some of us this is indeed a scary thought…. yet a deeply catalytic one!  We learn from the masculine role model how to be in this world, how to be self-sufficient, how to be accountable, how to action a plan with full focus into fruition.

The wounded masculine aspect within ourselves, and in our culture is expressed as an abuse of power. It is this aspects within which feels insecure in his strength, “not strong enough” and overcompensates through aggressive behaviour, destructive competitiveness, and disrespecting others perspectives, subsequently disregarding boundaries.
Examples of the wounded masculine presents itself as the aggressively, opinionated woman, who may even be fighting for women’s rights or the sacred feminine.

In order for us to move beyond this wounding within our psyche, it is paramount to acknowledge the grief… the pain.. the hurt…the anger the feeling of powerlessness or insignificance… and the way in which it affects our inner and outer relationships.
Through the sacred practice of forgiving the “father- wounds”, the subsequent patterning of dysfunctional relationships with the masculine, the old patriarchal oppressive paradigms and healing the interconnected mother/daughter split, will move us into the direction of spiritual alchemy, wholeness and truth.

  • Who do I need to forgive in order to move forward?


  • How can I take responsibility for handing over my power, and am I ready to take it back?


  • What are the wounded male aspects within me, and how do act out?

In the hero’s journey of personal growth, the rite of initiation, when we integrate our divine masculine, through which we step into a balanced sense of power.

My whole world shifted in the direction of authentic truth, expression and liberation when I integrated my animus. I was repeating a pattern of unhealthy relationships, and betrayal, and continued to work through the layers with therapists and healers. The catalytic keys for me were realising how I numbed my emotions, how I submitted to abuse of power-over and hence failed to stand up for myself. I finally uncovered a deeply ingrained belief of fearing the abuse of power and dominance I believed was the “default” in all men. The healing began when I decided to seek the truth of the divine masculine, something I did not witness in my childhood, and to chose the healthy divine masculine qualities as modeling for my animus.
Healthy animus characteristics are for example ; the ability to set clear boundaries, in full accountability owns his power, behaves in integrity toward the Self and others; and most importantly, creates a safe container for the feminine to blossom, to express, to be ALL of her creative, intuitive Self.

This final moment of integration happened for me in the reflection of a magnificent White Lion called Matsieng, during a visit to Linda Tuckers conservancy Tsau! on one of Wynter’s Star Lion Journeys. This is a magical story is for another time, which I will share in my Hero’s Journey personal training : Healing the Divine Masculine

May we continue to walk our heart path in the direction of re-connecting with our divine nature in Nature…..