When sleeping women wake…

Untitled designI believe that when women gather with a collective intention, powerful shifts happen within themselves and the environment around them.

I believe this because over the past decade I have been privileged to witness the sacred activism unfolding around the womens circles I have been apart of. I have seen it first hand whilst facilitating women’s circles, retreats, workshops and courses…

From paradigm shifts to peace prayers with full effect on the focused environment.
And with each event it still completely takes my breath away, fills me with luminous reverence, anchors my devotion to the sacred feminine principle, and humbly inspires me deeply.

Wom(b)en have a special kind of mystery within their bodies…within their consciousness. Perhaps we will never fully understand the exact physics of how it works, neither do we need to. Its a powerful practice to leave space for the mystery… All we have to do is step into full awareness of it, meet this mystery with reverence and witness the miraculous unfolding of it. 

Have you noticed how women’s menstrual cycles will sync when they spend time together? In an office, a group of best friends? I think this is simply amazing. This is just a single example of the magic which happens when women circle.

I believe that when you educate a woman, you educate a community. 
Women are natural educators, networkers, and circle facilitators. I believe that woman hold within them the key… a catalytic essence which has lead:
law-changing campaigns, news ways of being, peaceful resolutions, bringing compassion back into the boardroom, and the crucial current activist movement for conservation.

I believe that NOW, is the time for us to stand together, to do our magic to assist our chaotic world.

The most volatile and pertinent issues range from climate change (this effects our food security) to opening our borders and hearts to Syrian Refugee’s.
I saw an illuminating post on FB, a picture of a ship at a dock crammed with hundred of thousands of people, jumping off the ship… my heart ached… and then I read the post ” These aren’t Syrians, they are Europeans trying to get to North Africa during the world war…so next time you think of closing the borders… check your grandparents” .
In our diverse culture in South Africa, this is true for a large majority of our lineage here. My grandparents came from Europe escaping the harsh depression which hit Greece after the war, much like the circumstance in Greece right now. I am so proud to know that Greece in their desperate situation, have excepted Syrian Refugees..

No amount of positive thinking, or abundance affirmations will change this current truth….. only We can… by getting involved, by speaking out, by engaging in Sacred Activism. 

Have you seen this awe-inspiring youth movement : Earth Guardians? Xiuhtezcati Martinez and his global movement for a sustainable future:

“My father taught me that all life is sacred. That nature is a beautiful thing and often we forget it.”
— Xiuhtezcatl Martinez


The Divine Mother energy is what has been lost, abandoned, feared, rejected, and paradoxically this is the key energy and principles which we need to move into a sustainable future. Her essence is embodied by compassion, fierce protection, restoration of balance, intuitive leadership, creative solution crafting, and living the interconnection of all life.

We all want to live in a safe, peaceful world. We all want to Love and be Loved. We all want a thriving future for the next 7 generations…

It is for this reason that I create events and training focussed around clarion call leadership. 

My annual women’s sojourn retreat is intuitively guided to locations on the globe at sacred sites which call me to service. There is a reason temples, churches, place of sacred worship get build on specific areas on the globe.
They hold a mystery, an activation portal, sacred wisdom. Combining these sacred spaces with circles of women is potent! 
Offering clear, intentional, sacred prayers for the planet in these spaces is phenomenal. Witnessing the ripple effect in actual physical reality is awe-inspiring. There is a unique frequency which naturally resonates when women hold a collective vision, it is the reason centuries of worship (predating patriarchal rule) was dedicated to the oracle priestesses, the honouring of women as life giving beings in tribes, women rulership of peaceful thriving regions.

The authentic you that is You knows this, is calling you to service, is whispering your true nature to you in goose-bump moments.

What is an awakened women?
She embodies her authenticity magnetically. 
What does it feel like? How does it look?

It is the Light within you… which we hide, shield, protect from the harsh critics, the neigh-sayers and fearful. It is the part of you which is the exhale, the contented in-breathe. It is the true expression of your whole, sacred heart. It is the voice saying: YES! I was born to do this! I am Free! It feels amazing to be Me! 

Authentic living means feeling good in your own skin, it feels like soaring free in a way you never thought possible, saying what you really mean and meaning what you say gives you the self respect you have been longing for, gifting yourself the creative expression your whole body, heart and soul has been yearning for…

What is holding you back?
Fear, doubt, others opinions, the “should’s list in your head, the critical parent saying: who are you to make a difference?

Here is my answer to that illusive voice in your head:

Thank you for you opinion illusive voice, I am asking your host to chose the truth and the Truth is: 

You matter. You are an intrinsic part of an awe-inspiring eco-system on planet earth. You have a sacred purpose, Everything you are, do and believe effects EVERYTHING around. You are part of an interconnected living, breathing being. You are enough! You hold the power within you and you can make a difference in each moment, with each choice. Start with making a difference in the mirror, and the rest will flow, ripple, shake and roll. Answer that deep desire within you… Dig deep and find the courage to follow you heart.
The path may be lesser traveled, with some stones to roll out of the way, some bushes to climb over, yet, the most rewarding, magical, soul soaring adventure you are missing out on right now. Your heart knows this. Your Sophia self, the part of you which is whole, healed and complete, the You that is You…. is waiting for you to answer your clarion call. You were born to do this! 

It would be awesome if you resonate with my clarion call events, what matters to me more, is that you listen to this call and join a cause, start a movement, support a circle, or mentor a women in a developing country.

Wom(b)en of love, womb(b)en of peace, wom(b)en of truth, Lionesses of courage…. this magnificent, intelligent, beautiful living, breathing planet Earth, and her animals, plants, future generations, needs you…. 

My humble clarion call offerings right now have a few spaces available for wom(b)en who are ready to answer the call:

Aphrodite’s Temple Sojourn: 2 – 8 November 2015

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