Reboot.      Restore.      Renew.

There are moments in our lives which calls for a reboot, reset or restorative experience. At these junctures, it is valuable to stay present with what emerges within and listen to your heart-body-mind-soul call…. 

The VIP Day Retreat was created by request for my introverted, highly sensitive clients who prefer not to join the group retreat experiences I offer. Being on the introverted side myself, I completely understand and it is a JOY to offer this solo day sojourn for you.

Each experience is individually curated for your needs.  I have many tools in my therapeutic toolbox. I don’t follow a template, or ‘one size fits all’ method. You are unique and so your transformational journey needs to be too. We start with where you are at and work towards your vision.

How does it work? 

We will start with a 30 minutes zoom call in which we will identify your needs and discuss which activities, practices and flow of the day would be most beneficial to you. I will curate a restorative day specially designed for you.

After you confirm the program, we will schedule a suitable date. 

Which practices & tools are available for this experience?

  • Eco-psychology
  • Conversational counselling
  • Art Journaling
  • Jungian Dream Appreciation
  • Self- Love exploration
  • Conscious Dance and/ Guided Meditation
  • Self-inquiry exercises
  • Feminine leadership coaching
  • Inner child work
  • Shadow work
  • Myth and Archetypal personal development
  • Feminine Wisdom workshop
  • Mindfulness walk through the permaculture garden


My whole life, I’ve been searching for answers Ive never got. Until I met Eleftheria. She made me realize what real love is and how I can feel it again. She made me realize how important it is to have a sisterhood, and what the powers are of being surrounded by divine goddesses. Because we all are. She made me trust in love again. Knowing my self worth. She gave me the strength to finally stand up for myself and follow my dreams. I’ve always wanted to write a book to share my own journey, and after seeing Eleftheria I finally found the courage to start a platform to empower woman by using my own shadows. Thank you Eleftheria you have changed my life.

What a VIP Day Retreat could look like? 

You arrive in the morning at the Living Art Permaculture Center greeted with a freshly pressed organically grown Green-Goddess-Juice. We will start our slow-flowing day with a gratitude walk through the garden to a special spot amidst the pine trees. Here we will we quiet down the body, mind, and heart to realign with the rhythm and pulse of nature, with a deeply relaxing meditation. We will clarify our intention for the day and plant it as a seed in your heartscape. 

In this relaxed state, we will begin to unpack the challenge, do the healing work, clarify the confusion, deepen the wisdom of the lesson through session work. 

This will bring us to the bell signaling lunch time. We will forage through the garden, create a nutrient-rich, delicious, cell-livening lunch, delighting our tastebuds. 

As lunch settles we will get in touch with your creative muse, and flow into creativity ( your chosen expression of it) in order to integrate insights gained earlier.

We will end your day with a blissful massage or sekhem healing session. You will float into the sunset, and either stay over in a charming cottage which has been prearranged for you or start the journey back home – bringing with you a sense of renewed joy, luminous clarity, resonant inner peace, and radiant Love…

Now you have given yourself permission to make space for it! 

Ahhhhh…. the exhale …. a natural part of living which brings restoration.


All inclusive. Including life-changing full day counselling or coaching, resources, organic lunch and beverages and follow-up checkin.

R 3750,00