Threshold Guardians

Any journey of creation starts with a Call, and this call can come in many forms. Once we choose to follow our call, threshold guardians show up. The threshold guardians come in the form of doubts and fears, usually rooted in our limiting beliefs. I have witnessed this both in my personal adventures, and in observing participants who sign up for transformational courses, retreats, workshops or individual sessions.

We usually answer our soul/ hearts call for change, but once the threshold guardians show up, we back out, in very creative ways.

I often discuss the thresholds on the first day of my journeys, answers usually sound like this : “Two days before this workshop I suddenly had a migraine”, “last night before this course I got drunk” or ” A week before this workshop I realised that my friend will be here from out of town”.

This is the time to call deep on your courage, deal with what is surfacing and follow through with your hearts call. These guardians are simply testing your conviction of choice. Do you really want change? How much do you want this experience?

When our threshold guardians appear, its an opportunity to alchemize the fear, expanding your consciousness and stepping into the life-changing magical training part of the creation journey. Once we pass through the thresholds, we are transformed forever, suddenly ALL things become possible!

Andreja and I recorder a conversation about Threshold guardians, and I share my magical, life-affirming co-creation of my journey to meet the White Lions in Timbavati.

Its ok to be brave and scared at the same time… being courageous means facing the fear!