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Sitting in sacred stillness in the secret forest of a private nature reserve, breathing in the fresh mountain air as it gently brushes your hair, feeling the warmth of the winter sun glowing on your skin, smelling the fragrance of long-forgotten fynbos, listening to the call of the black eagles as they soar in circle above you… 

you access the part of you which has been calling to rise in Love. Feeling relaxed to your core, your heart opens with every sense awakening, connecting to the embodiment of stillness, compassion & peace, deeper than you have ever felt before. 

Gently opening your eyes, you look out over the majestic rolling mountains and magical olives groves, here in the heart of the valley a circle of women have gathered in answering their heart’s call … opening themselves to the power of silence’s transformation.   

In gracious gratitude you trace the path you journeyed days before this moment, thinking about how your body awakened into the yoga classes, relaxed deeply in meditation, how your heart feels full after restorative practices with like-minded sisters, the joy of connection whilst exploring the beauty of nature. You have never felt this aligned, at peace and anchored in your Trut before.

Ah, the call of the peaceful, healing magic of nature’s sanctuary!


For most people the word ‘silence” is associated to the avoidance of the ‘uncomfortable silence’, in which we could feel awkward, anxious, floundering two left feet and all thumbs.

One of the most uncomfortable spaces for most people is silence. And yet, the magic happens outside our comfort zones.

Most of us misunderstand silence, and even fear it. We’d love to offer you a reframe, a different perspective on the power of silence.

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The change it will evoke within.

Intuitively we know where silence will lead us, and hence fear its power to change us. In silence, we are our only company which brings us into directly engage with our past, our thoughts, our actions and the quality of life we are living in the present. We assume that this inward engagement means opening up Pandora’s box and touching the parts of ourselves we try to avoid most.

The truth is that, we find tranquility in silence, we discover how we really think, act, and feel about the things that matter most to us in our lives. Entering the silence is also engaging restfulness, feeling inner peace at the core and coming home to soul-self.




Being punished with silence.

If we had parents or partners who were in the habit of sulking or giving us the “silent treatment” if they were displeased with us, we may have associated silence with punishment.

In this case, we may do everything in our power to avoid the experience of silence which may be associated with rejection, abandonment, shame, or guilt.

The truth is that we can have the experience of comfortable silence with a loved one. A shared space of stillness, peace, and connection. We can only enter this space by becoming comfortable with our own company in the silent moments of our lives.




Suppression of the feminine voice.

For centuries women’s voices have been hushed, shamed, or muzzled. In modern times we rebel against this repression of feminine expression, through filling up the airtime with gossip, opinions, one-up story telling.

In this ingrained need to be heard, we are less compassionate, demand airtime versus commanding sacred space.

The truth is that when we command our own sacred space, we don’t have to hustle for our worthiness. When we can enter the deep listening in the practice of silence, we access a wealth of inner wisdom, worthiness and can share this in our outer world.


Silence is a place of great power and healing

Rachel Naomi Remen

What makes this silent retreat unique?

When we hear the term silent retreat we associate it with monasteries, ashrams, nuns, monks, fasting, discomfort. There are many different types of silent retreats, with various practices based in mysticism, religion, spirituality or psychology. As in all schools of thought you can find silent retreats which are extreme and moderate. 

We have designed an experience for the modern, contemporary woman. A silent retreat which embodies the woman’s way, filled with nourishment, gentle encouragement, space for creative expression, in the embrace of mother nature. 

A 3 day retreat for women who feel overwhelmed, exhausted and lacklustre, to reclaim her sacred space, restore luminous clarity, and renew radiant vitality

We believe that you already have all the answers within. That your inner landscape holds within in the treasures that you seek. We can only access these jewels through deep listening. 


Meditation is not forcing your mind to be quiet; its finding the quiet that is already there.

Deepak Chopra

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The health benefits of digital detoxing. 

Studies show that a digital detox, or period of time during which a person refrains from using electronic devices, has proven to be beneficial for relationships, psychical and mental health, creativity and productivity. 

Most of us have a habit of scrolling on our phones at bedtime. Studies indicate that the blue light from screens disrupts the melatonin production of the brain, making it harder to fall asleep and stay asleep. 

If you find yourself overly stressed or unproductive, it might be time to Unplug. 

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The healing benefits of spending time in nature. 
It has long been known that mother nature has healing powers. Ancient healing temples in Greece were called Asklepsia, situated in the mountains, away from the cities, with fresh air, spring water , dream chambers, mountain herbal teas and a practice of silence and deep listening were the prescription of health. Modern research studies now confirm what the ancients have been saying all along. 
Scientific studies have found that invisible chemical (called phytoncides) in some trees can reduce stress hormones, lower anxiety, and improve blood pressure and immunity. Being outdoors provides us with the benefits of getting natural sunlight, increasing the much needed vitamin D, and natural stabilisation of melatonin levels. 


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Presence and Mindfulness Meditation: 
Research published in the journal Health Psychology shows that mindfulness is not only associated with feeling less stressed, it’s also linked with decreased levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

Mindfulness can help us see beyond our rose-coloured lense when we need to objectively analyse ourselves. A study in the Psychological Science journal shows that mindfulness can help us conquer common ‘blind spots’, which can amplify or diminish our own flaws beyond reality. 

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Who would benefit from this retreat?

If you are :

  • A woman on the brink of burnout or who are in recovery from burn-out;
  • Women who are overwhelmed from the noise in their world;
  • Women who want to tap into their inner landscape;
  • Women on the run, who know they need to slow-down
  • Women who need a tech detox and get off the spinning grid; 
  • Women who want to participate in a 10 day silent retreat, but need preparation. 
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Gained a broader perspective on what matters most in your life;


Tuned into the subtle wise voice which you can’t hear during the noise of busyness; 


Felt the exhale from the Epiphanies, aha moments which abound;  


Learnt practical techniques for harnessing the power of silence in your everyday routine.


Explored your inner landscape and received greater clarity. 


How to start living, loving and leading from your authentic selfbecause how can others love you authentically if they don’t know you authentically?

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Friday 24 August 2018

12h30 arrival at Porcupine Hills Guest Farm and check in. 

We will gently flow into our day, get settled into our rooms, explore the beautiful space we’ll call home for the next weekend.

At 13h00 we will gather in opening circle, clarify our intentions for our personal journey, and plant them as seeds in our hearts.

13h30 we enter the start of our silent journey with a Vinyasa Yoga Flow class, lead by Brigitta Bouwer. 

14h10 we end our class with a deeply relaxing guided meditation lead by Eleftheria Kakambouras. 

14h40 Free time in which you can explore the secret forest, rest in your room, find a beautiful space to contemplate your intention. 

17h30 Gentle vinyasa yoga class, followed by Yoga Nidra, allowing your body, mind and heart to melt into tranquility. 

18h30 We will nurture our bodies with a delicious, organic vegetarian or vegan meal, and retire to the comfort of our rooms for a recharging night’s rest.

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Saturday 25 August 2018

On Day 2 we journey into the heart of reclaiming your personal truth, clarifying what matters to you most through deep listening.  

07h30 Morning Vinyasa Yoga Class, followed by mindfulness meditation.

08h30 Nourishing the body with organic, whole food breakfast

09h30 A silent nature walk, opening all the senses to be fully present, immersed in the symphony of nature. 

10h30 Pranayama practice. Harnessing the power of breathe in the heart of nature. 

11h00 Free time in which you can practice your own meditation, or take time for self-reflection or journaling, stillness or rest. 

12h00 We’ll bless our bodies with a nutritious lunch. 

13h00 Free time in which you can take time for self-reflection or journaling, stillness or rest. 

17h00 Heart opening vinyasa class, following by conscious dance and ending with deep listening meditation. 

18h30 We will end our day with a hearty dinner, and retire for some rejuvenating rest.

Sunday 26 August 2018

On day 3 you will Root for your Rise, through embracing the discoveries you have made by entering your inner world. 

07h30 Morning Vinyasa Yoga Class, followed by mindfulness meditation.

08h30 Nourishing the body with organic, whole food breakfast

09h30 A silent nature walk, opening all the senses to be fully present, immersed in the symphony of nature. 

10h30 Pranayama practice. Harnessing the power of breathe in the heart of nature. 

11h00 Free time in which you can practice your own meditation, or take time for self-reflection or journaling, stillness or rest. 

12h00 We’ll bless our bodies with a nutritious lunch. 

13h00 Self-reflection exercise, integrating the experience. 

14h00 Gratitude and Closing circle. We gently exit the silence through meaningful, intentional expression. 

15h00 Last hugs and check out. 

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You know you are a woman of love, who have been called into a deeper connection; 


You are ready to do the inner work to transform your love & emotional body wounds;


You are interested in mindfulness, yoga, and meditation as a tool for personal & spiritual development;


You’re okay with being vulnerable within a sacred sisterhood;


You are curious about exploring your inner landscape;


You care deeply about the earth and know how healing it can be to be in the presence of nature;


You feel both excited and nervous about embarking on this sojourn.



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You are not willing to step outside your comfort zone;

You don’t want to do the inner work required to shift the stuff which blocks your inner peace;

You’re attached to blaming others & external circumstances for your happiness and well-being;

You are not willing to look at your shadow self ;

You take more than you give;

You don’t care about the earth or her well-being;

Adventure, personal growth and major break through’s is not your thing. 

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All inclusive:

Imagine 3 days of entering the temple of stillness facilitated through vinyasa yoga, guided meditation, mindfulness, nature walks, yoga nidra, and pranayama. 

  • Gorgeous shared accommodation at Porcupine Hills Guest Farm, Overberg for 2 nights. (One room with two single beds and ensuite bathroom.)
    *Single occupancy available upon request. 
  • All delicious vegetarian organic, whole food meals (Full Board. Vegan options available upon request)
  •  Restorative meditation nature walks to the secret forest.
  • Breath-taking surroundings with a close up view of the resident pair of black eagles.
  • Daily Vinyasa Flow Yoga classes
  • Fresh clean air and replenishing spring water.

Not included:

  • Your round trip travel from home;
  • Airport transfer to Porcupine Hills Guest Farm.
  • Gratuities, room cleaning tips, and extra beverages. 
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance. 
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How to book your seat on this sojourn to clarity and peace: 


1.) E-mail your application inquiry. 

2.) We will send you the registration forms and payment details. 

3.) Your space will be reserved

4.) We’ll meet you at Porcupine Hills Guest Farm, on Friday 24 August, at reception. 

The tree of silence bears the fruit of peace.


If your body, mind and heart has been calling you to slow-down, to retreat from the craziness of busyness, to reclaim, store and renew... then this is the Retreat experience for You! 
You never know who you might meet or what magic will unfold on a Root to Rise sojourn – especially at the magnificent Porcupine Hills!
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