Sacred Rage – the fierce face of the feminine.

I want to know how you are doing? I want to know how your heart is dealing with the breakdown, dismantling and upRising of the world? 

Early this week, I started writing my September newsletter on Self-Care, and how a controversial aspect of self-care is sacred rage.

I have noticed a common theme occurring within the women in my circles, in private 1:1 sessions and with my mentee’s. The women I have the humble privilege of working with is moving through the journey of transformation.They’ve had enough, drawn a line in the sand and have answered the sonic roar call for change.

Exhaustion is no longer viable They want to Thrive.
Feeling unfulfilled in their career is no longer enough. They feel the deep yearning for coming home knowing their life’s work is meaningful. 
Settling for crumbs of loving is no longer enough. They want to be in sacred relationship.
Repeating childhood patterns of survival is disempowering. They want to stand tall in their truth and live from wholeness.

Because, we are Enough! We do not need to hustle for our worthiness. 

In the midst of writing this newsletter, I received countless whatsapp messages, e-mails, social media pings, invites to country wide protests in standing for the Safety of Women & Children, in protest against gender violence in South-Africa. A call for the President to Act Now, a call for bail to be denied, a Call for the death penalty to return, a call for action – NOW! 

👁 This issue is deeply personal for me. I’m a child survivor of domestic violence in my home. I’ve learnt that there is a difference between being victimised and being a survivor
✋🏽 It is at the core of why I focus on Women’s empowerment. After healing my own trauma, I was called to purpose in the healing of trauma with other women.
It is my sacred purpose to contribute to the healing, change, support, care, new systems innovation and 
why I facilitate courses in Feminine Leadership – we need a new system, creative solutions, to lead from the Heart & not from Hurt. 
🙋🏽‍♀️ Every woman I know, every woman I’ve have had the privilege to work with, has a core heart-soul yearning for Peace. 

This is what we know.

  • Powerful change happens through grassroots movements.
  • This is not our first rodeo. If you’re interested in HerStory, please watch this magnificent documentary by Dr. Amanda Foreman called The Ascent of Women. This groundbreaking four-part series traces the impact of women on politics, religion, science and other aspects of human history from 10,000 B.C. to present. Available on Netflix. You’re welcome 😉
  • It is futile fighting an old existing system, it is up to us to innovate an alternative, so that people willingly give up the old one for a new paradigm. 

Here is another controversial belief I have. Inspired by the words of Mother Theresa  – Invite me to an anti-war rally, and I won’t attend. Invite me to a peace rally and I will come. 
Just to clarify – I stand in full commitment, support, solidarity for the empowerment, liberation, freedom and safety of womxn & children. I believe in speaking truth to power.

Let me illustrate what I mean by this: 
Sacred Rage is rooted in Love, in Presence, in a Higher Perspective. It is not vigilante revenge. It is not meek either. 
It takes courage – a collective global circle of women rising in courage.  
In the Myth of Kali-Ma we learn about the fierce face of the feminine. In short the story tells of a time when a war between the gods and the demons were raging, and the gods were loosing. The goddess Durga, riding her tiger fiercely into battle decides to birth her daughter Kali from her third eye to assist in the battle. Kali, with unwavering single focused determination starts winning the war by slaying the demons with her formidable sword of truth. They’re winning at last. Only now, Kali is is almost drunk on the power and she’s killing everyone, even the gods. Durga petitions her husband Shiva to stop her. He tries to dance to distract her, but she is single focussed, he tries to woo her, but she is not interested, eventually he lays down in front of her and as she raises her sword to kill her beloved she stops inches from heis heart – awakened by her Love for him. 

What we can learn from this story is that rage alone can spiral out of control and kill everything. We can get swept up in our wound bonding, in the overwhelm of fear & frustration, in the pure frustration of the attack on the feminine in all aspects – our bodies, our living earth mother’s body, our psyche, the safety of the vulnerable – our children, animals, forests, water, food and resources. 
Yet, Destruction (Kali) with Presence (Shiva) can bring about transformation, and ultimately liberation. We need a break-down before we get to a break-through. When we can walk in the eye of the storm, we can see clearly, we can be present with the chaos, and see our way into the re-ordering of things. It is the unity of the masculine and feminine which brings us into a state of grace, peace and liberation. Staying present means, that we won’t get hooked into the oldest trick in the book – divide and concur!
We can also see that it takes the chaos, which stirs up everything toxic, bringing it to light, so we can deal with it. 

For me, we are on the battle field as women right now, and our daughters are wielding their swords of truth. We need to guide them as elders, to stay present in the truth, so we can together create new systems, new policies, a united grassroots movement, and come home to our sovereignty as human beings. 

Ultimately feminine leadership is the practice of wisdom. Guidance through supporting someone with what they need, instead of what they want. 

We were born to do this! Today We Rise!
Today, we claim back our bodies. 
Today we claim back our wise womanhood and stand in sovereignty.

  • Where do you need to bring presence to rage within you? 
  • Where do you need to speak truth to power in your relationships?
  • Where do you need to draw the line in the sand, and stand tall in your Worth? 

Never forget, that you are magnificent, powerful, intelligent, capable, formidable, sacred, a womban of courage, a woman of strength, a woman of mercy, a woman of peace. And Together we are a formidable force!

“Where are you little girl
with broken wings but full of hope?
Where are you wise woman covered in wounds?
Where are you?  Where are you?  Where are you?
Today is the day
I will not sit still and give in anymore,
today I rise.
I am bruised but I will get up and walk again,
today I rise.
I don’t care if you ignore my beauty,
today I rise.
Through the alchemy of my darkest night,
I heal and thrive, today I rise.
I move through the world with confidence and grace.
I open my eyes and am ready to face my wholeness as a woman
and my limitless capacities.
I will walk my path with audacity, today I rise.
I reconnect with the many aspects of myself.
I am in awe of the reality I can create.
I am a queen, I am a healer, a wise woman, a wild woman.
I will rise and be.
I am a rebel I will wake up and fight.
I am a mother and I am a child.
I will no longer disguise my sadness and pain, I will no longer suffer and complain.
I am black and I am white.
There’s no reason to hurt.
Where are you? Where are you?
I call upon Kali to kiss me to life.
I transform my power and anger, no more heartache or strife.
The world is missing what I am ready to give,
my wisdom,
my sweetness,
my love and
my hunger for peace.
I weep with the trees
and the rivers
and the earth in distress.
I rise and shine and am ready to go on my quest.
Today I rise without doubt or hesitation,
today I rise without excuses,
without procrastination.
Today I call upon my sisters to join
a movement of resoluteness and concern.
Today is my call into action,
to fulfill my mission without further distraction.
Today is the day,
today I will start,
to offer the world the wisdom of my heart”