Sacred Feminine Pearl: Receptivity

The topic of receiving is an immensely intense, catalytic, & transformational one for women…. it stirs, shakes up, triggers, and unravels layers, levels, and legacies of our ‘stuff’. Ultimately gifting us the ability to embody the precious pearls of feminine wisdom. The shame and guilt triggers associated with receptivity for women is transparent in our behavior, whether our awareness of it is conscious or unconscious.
Think for a moment about how you receive a compliment?

What is your default reaction? What is your learned response? How does it feel?

Let’s break down the emotional triggers:

ART & Creativity

“Art washes away from the soul the dust from everyday life”  – Pablo Picasso

Creativity is directly linked to our capacity to innovate and create change through being vulnerable. The process of creation is profoundly important to our psyche and wellbeing. When we suppress the feminine principle of expression through creativity we become stuck, stifled, too serious, exhausted and feel a general sense of lack of joy.
Some of our deepest woundings is around creativity. Over the years in my group sessions with women, I have always incorporated an art; journaling; or creative process, and without fail this process would bring up creativity wounding. The shame trigger for creativity is comparison, and comparison steals our joy! We believe that we are not creative, that we ‘can not even draw a stick figure’.

We stop ourselves from creating something because we compare ourselves to others, so we won’t attempt to re-create that delicious curry we ate, we don’t plant the garden because “we don’t have green fingers”; we won’t allow ourselves to draw or paint because our art teacher said we weren’t good enough, or we won’t write the poem which is floating around in our minds or sing the song which flows from our hearts & souls because …..[ fill in your limiting belief about your creativity here….]

These beliefs have a direct influence on how we receive, how we bravely follow our dreams, how we listen to our intuitive nudges, or how we allow ourselves to feel.

The truth is that you are a magnificent creative being who is constantly in the processes of creation….you are painting your life canvas with your thoughts, behaviour, and beliefs. If you awaken to the process consciously, you could embrace your artistic archetype and give yourself permission to create a life you Love!

I believe in the power of journaling, and that art has a magical way of getting knowledge from the mind into heart-centred practice/ embodiment.

The words eARTh and heART can’t be spelled without ART!


This is a huge one for us… because receptivity is a deeply vulnerable act. It is one of the most essential pearls of wisdom in sacred feminine practice.
For a moment close your eyes, take a deep breath and honestly reflect on how you receive these gifts:

  • feedback
  • praise
  • adoration
  • devotion
  • affection
  • love
  • acceptance
  • criticism
  • reflective shadows
  • joy
  • pleasure
  • pain

Do you negate it? Deflect if by changing the subject? Dismiss it?

Do you vulnerably, with open-heartedness receive it?

If you did open to receiving that which you say you most what – then what?

Because of our shame trigger, we feel as if we can never ask for what we need, or be completely honest about our needs. We give everything of ourselves, and then become resentful about not receiving in return. When we are unable to ask for what we need ( asking – a vulnerability trigger – is part of the receiving process) our default reaction is usually to deny or reject the very thing we actually want. For example, when your family asks to take you out for dinner or spoil you? Do you refuse and say no don’t worry? Or do you allow yourself to be supported?

Receiving means opening up which is a deeply vulnerable space to be in. We need to feel safe in this vulnerable space so that we can courageously unfurl the blossoming of the feminine expression. When our animus is the sacred container for this expression, we flourish.

When we uncover the root cause of what our block to receiving is, we shift our lives from helplessness into empowered creative flow. Unraveling this root cause reveals an ultimate gift in the wound, which when integrated, assists us to live a life we love, access to the courage to be authentic in every moment, feeling whole, connected, and more confident.

The wisdom of feminine receptivity is experienced through learning how to embody the full Radiance of your authentic Sophia Self; discovering your true vision & learning how to nurture it, opening to welcoming what you say you want to have, be, experience or live, connecting to the Source of intuitive knowledge and nourishing your body, soul & heart.