dream-symbol-appreciation1Dreams have fascinated me all my life and have always played an integral part of my private sessions with clients over the years. It was a “dream” which lead me to attend and travel to Tsau! a conservancy for White Lions in Timbavati. I was attending Wynter Worsthorne’s Star Lion Journey and met her co-facilitator Dr. Graham Saayman. It was here where I was introduced to the Dream Appreciation method, and found its benefits in a group context deeply valuable. I soon signed up to train as a facilitator under his wise mentorship and sagacious guidance.

The experience:

The Dream Appreciation experience is designed to enable a group of 6 participants to explore the meaning of dreams using a step by step process, derived from Jungian theory, which offers a safe and effective approach to dream appreciation in a group context (1).  Research indicates that the process effectively reduces anxiety whilst safeguarding the well-being of participants (2). In an accepting and respectful atmosphere, participants learn how dreams can restore balance and harmony by suggesting creative solutions to problems of everyday life.

Confidentiality is emphasized in order to create a safe environment for the whole group and to protect the integrity of the person who volunteers to share a dream. Participants can decide if and when they want to share a dream. The dreamer is supported by the group leader and remains in control at all times, knowing they can stop the procedure at any time. This may happen when the dreamer feels satisfied that the dream has been adequately understood.

(1) Shuttleworth-Jordan, A. B., Saayman, G. S. & Faber, P.A. (1988)  A systematised method for dream analysis in a group setting.  International Journal of Group Psychotherapy, 38: 473-489.

(2)  Shuttleworth-Jordan, A. B., Saayman, G. S. (1989)  Differential effects of alternative strategies on psychotherapeutic process in group dream work. Psychotherapy: Theory/Research/Practice/Training, 26, 514-519.

If you are interested to join this fortnightly group, please send an inquiry to dreamg@eleftheria.co.za