Relationships are the cornerstone of our existence. We are in relation with everything that touches our lives.  We have a relationship with food, money, people, our past, present and future, and the environment we live in. All of these relations are connected through the golden thread to our relationship with self.

Teaching the inner work and skills required to Master Healthy Boundaries has been a recurring topic in both my private sessions with women, and in group seminars, over the course of more than a decade. The results of this life-altering practice is so deeply valuable, that I was inspired to create a comprehensive Live 3-day Masterclass Seminar. This class was deeply transformational and soon I started receiving requests for an on-line version.

This masterclass is a compilation of tried and tested techniques and tools which teaches you the “HOW to” stop people from trampling over you; to get out of overwhelm no matter what your circumstances are; and to take back control of your life, so you can live and thrive without resentment.

Focusing souley on the core underlying issues which prevent or block us from setting healthy boundaries, and the know how to maintain and honour our boundaries so that we can live our best lives. 

Looking forward to sharing the freedom, connection and compassion mastering the art of boundaries gifts us with you!  

Luminous Love, Eleftheria

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