Sitting in sacred stillness in the secret forest of a private nature reserve, breathing in the fresh mountain air as it gently brushes your hair, feeling the warmth of the winter sun glowing on your skin, smelling the fragrance of long-forgotten fynbos, listening to the call of the black eagles as they soar in circle above you… 

you access the part of you which has been calling to rise in Love. Feeling relaxed to your core, your heart opens with every sense awakening, connecting to the embodiment of love, compassion & peace, deeper than you have ever felt before. 

Gently opening your eyes, you look out over the majestic rolling mountains and magical olives groves, here in the heart of the valley a circle of women have gathered in answering their heart’s call … opening themselves to the power of love’s transformation.   

In gracious gratitude you trace the path you journeyed days before this moment, thinking about how your body awakened into the yoga classes, relaxed deeply in meditation, how your heart feels full after fire-side chats with like-minded sisters, the joy of laughter whilst exploring the beauty of nature. You have never felt this aligned, at peace and anchored in Love before.

Ah, the call of the peaceful, healing magic of nature’s sanctuary!


What is possible at the end of this retreat? 

You have a renewed connection with your beautiful self.  

You have experienced the deep peace which stillness in nature & yoga can bring into being. 

You have discovered the healing power of self-compassion. 

You have the tools to get you to that sweet-spot of self-love

You’ve upgraded your self-talk from inner-critic to nurturing, empowering inner-goddess. 

You know the value of who you are and how this ignites beautiful relationships. 

You have catalyzed the journey of healing the disconnected parts of self, readying the alchemy of transforming pain into power; wounds into wisdom; self-sabotage into sovereign freedom; and drama into thriving relationships.

Say goodbye to settling for crumbs of love, thinking you’re not worthy enough and feeling dull & fatigued!

Now is the time…

How would your Life change if you actually really liked yourself?

Imagine if you really loved your body-temple…

if you knew within your bones that you are worthy of conscious relations & creation,

if you reclaimed your feminine wisdom and felt the juicy aliveness in every connection, reclaiming the grace of  beauty….  

if you restored exhaustion and overwhelm, giving yourself permission to experience rest, rejuvenation and Joy...

How would it feel to embody this feminine wisdom? How different would you inner world be, and its reflection in your outer world? 

Say Hello to Love in all her magnificent myriad forms, welcome authentic connection, experience relationships (the most important being with self) which are meaningful and see the beauty in every moment. 

The world needs your authentic expression now, more than ever before.

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