Mastering the Art of Boundary setting and honouring are the keys to experiencing personal freedom, clarity and thriving relationships. 

Clearly setting and maintaining boundaries can make or break a relationship, loveship or career.

Often we are unclear about what boundaries actually are, and unaware of how mastering this skill can radically transform our lives in the direction of heart-centred living, loving and leading. 

In the absence of clearly defined boundaries, chaos thrives. When we are unclear about our personal boundaries and the behaviour, people, and experiences we do or do not want to allow, invite and include in our lives, we will experience: 

  • toxic drama triangles
  • betrayal or broken trust
  • be taken advantage of
  • avoid conflict
  • broken relationships
  • bullying
  • choose unhealthy partnerships
  • low self-worth
  • feel overworked and anxious at the office
  • feel overwhelmed, exhausted, disappointed, and stuck
  • struggle with hard conversations
  • feel guilty saying "No"

If you can relate to any of the above, then you probably need to clearly define your boundaries, discover the root cause of why you haven't set them, and up skill your boundary toolkit! 

Teaching the inner work and skills required to Master Healthy Boundaries has been a recurring topic in both my private sessions with women, and in group seminars, over the course of more than a decade. The results of this powerful, life-altering practice is so deeply valuable, that I was inspired to create an on-line Masterclass course, launching in February 2018. 

Healthy Boundary Masterclass Love

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I signed up for the Boundaries master class as I felt exhausted in a number of my relationships, both personally and professionally. But there was one particular relationship that left me feeling abused, disrespected, belittled and irrelevant. These negative feelings started echoing through my life and I was feeling bereft and at total loss on how to change my increasing negative self-perception. The Boundaries master class took me on journey through the origins of my limiting self-beliefs from childhood, to the current agony I was experiencing in my relationships and then in to the tools that I could implement to make the necessary changes I needed in my life..
Eleftheria brings a certain kind of magic and presence to the process of personal development healing. It can’t be described with words or touched with your hands but it can most certainly be felt as a patiently powerful presence when she holds the space for you to walk into the depths of your soul to uncover all the self-doubt and fears that have unconsciously held me back throughout my life. An indescribable shift happenswhen you start discover the gems of your existence are also hidden in the depths of that same soul. A deeply powerful experience.
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I knew for some time that I needed to look at boundaries, but I put it off for ages because it didn’t sound very sexy.  It sounded cold, harsh and clinical and I could feel my resistance bubbling up.  As usual with these things, life forced me into a place where I really had to examine my boundaries for the sake of my own health.  Once I’d committed to the course, I was enthusiastic, but nothing could have prepared me for how fascinating, interesting, powerful and insightful the Master Class Training was!  I never knew there was so much to boundaries!  This work uncovers deeply hidden blind spots, unconscious childhood patterns and forces you to really ‘know thyself’.  I found it incredibly refreshing that my boundaries were not going to be dictated by someone else: I get to choose what they are, it’s ok to have them and it’s ok to be who I am. 

Because Eleftheria is an experienced counsellor and facilitator, she’s able to uncover a great deal in a very short time as well as hold the space for personal challenges to be discussed and resolved. I really felt held.  All of us were able to talk through immediate, current problems which we faced within our lives. Understanding everything behind boundaries - what underpins them, what they are, why it’s important to have them and how to put them in place and maintain them - has been a valuable life lesson. I highly recommend this training! 

Bridget Finklaire Author & Psychotherapist

Click on the image to view my Facebook Live talk, covering the 3 core reasons people don't honour our boundaries. 


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