Aphrodite Archetype : Beauty


Aphrodite is inspiring women all over the planet… Have you noticed?

Since I have been inspired to create the Aphrodite’s Temple Retreat and the Awakening Aphrodite transmission… I have seen her pop up in Astrological writings, blogs, art, facebook newsfeed (Ok, that could be Big Brother trying to sell me something- since they track my google research!), in conversations, dreams and Marianne Williamson has just released her Aphrodite Training program!

I am not sure if this is the law of attraction, the collective unconscious or the focused awareness effect : noticing all things Aphrodite like on my radar… Like when you”re in love and you see his/her name everywhere…. even in the credits of movies.  All I know is she is calling LOUD and Clear and I am paying attention! Her message is reverberating across the planes and in my bones….. I am listening with all my senses ….

The most commonly known association with Aphrodite, also the most superficial, is beauty, Eros and love. All three these aspects have affected us to the core…
The pathways to conscious Love starts within. The essence of nurturing the self is a fine art, which most women neglect in the face of serving our families, communities and circles. This habit is a double edged sword. The inherent nature of women is to serve the community, it is in our psyche, in our hearts, and in our way of being.

This nature has been distorted and we either disconnect from community, sisterhood, the family in order to search of independence and power or feel guilty when we’re not being dutiful towards others.  This pathway’s shadow is a deep longing for belonging. And the more we suppress this feeling, the more this shadow displays itself through competition, comparison, and leads to the ever stress-filled “should be” life. You know, I should be more successful, I should be thinner, I should be a better mother, I should be Superwoman and do it ALL: run a fortune 500 company, be the best mother in the world, be the sexiest women on earth, the most supportive wife, the most treasured daughter and the most popular friend.

The truth of Aphrodite is that she was (is) appreciated as the Great Goddess, and the depths of her wisdom is unbounded. Her adoration traveled from Cyprus, to Greece, to Europe to North Africa during the Helenistic and Roman periods. In ancient times her temples and its practices changed name and form throughout the various influences of different times. The land that bore and adored her as Anassa, the beloved Queen, reigning female principle and lasted thousands of years. She is the Goddess of the first star, like Inanna and Ishtar. The ancient Greeks identified her with the Ancient Egyptian Goddess Hathor. Aphrodite was adored as a Goddess of fertility and of death.
Her symbols are the rose, the white dove, the myrtle tree, horses, and swans.
There are various versions of her mythological birth, a mystery surrounds her true essence.
In the 4th century, the Attic philosophers drew a distinction between a celestial Aphrodite (Aphrodite Ourania) with transcendent principles and the “common” Aphrodite (Aphrodite Pandemos), goddess of the people.
As an archetype this distinction of the two aspects of Aphrodite can represent the two aspects of our polarities: the light and the shadow. The marriage of both aspects of self, the integration of the Divine nature with the human self,  is the most important initiation to knowing the self,  manifesting in living an authentic life. It also represents the Hieros Gamos, the sacred marriage of masculine and feminine, heaven and earth, the archetypal marriage of Anima & Animus, which is the practice of Sacred Feminine Alchemy.

In the light of this pathway we cultivate a compassionate, nurturing, creatively expressive, sensual relations to self, in the wise knowing of our effect on the whole.
If we are unbalanced, the circle, family, community is unbalanced. If we are exhausted, misaligned, disconnected, we can not serve our intimate circles, outer circles, and the earth herself.

Working with the archetypes assists us to understand, as Carl Jung puts it, “the architecture of the psyche“.

What is beauty?

How do you define beauty?
Have you seen the Dove add?

Please ask yourself after watching this video:
Which doorway would you walk through if:
1) You were on your own and no-one was watching?
2) There were women standing around?

The truthful answers speak for themselves.
We compare ourselves to value we attribute to our definition of beauty…

  • Where is your Aphrodite Archetype?
  • How does she impact your life?
  • How does she express beauty in her world?
I would like to invite you,
to answer Aphrodite’s call,
and step into her sacred temple
on a night when the cosmos aligns with the magic which is embodied by Aphrodite ~
A SuperMoon in the sign of the waters Pisces, and Venus, her planet dancing in retrograde across the skies….

Stay tuned for Aphrodite’s Oracle on the truth of eros and Love…. And the legends of Regina: the story of Aphrodite and Andonis’ loveship.