Alchemizing Fear

How to Alchemize fear:

~ Acknowledge the fear, avoid hiding in escapism
Identify the fear as your ego’s programme of limiting beliefs. Note which limiting beliefs this feeling of fear is coming from. Observe this from a space of compassion, and love – not from judgment.

~ Pay attention ~ its a threshold guardian
When fear shows up, know that the ego/identity is trying to distract you from seeing that gorgeous gem right behind the illusionary veil of fear. The ego is doing its job of distraction perfectly! What a clever little being! Your job is to alchemize the fear ~ to look into the eye of the tiger.

~ Face the fear
Create a sacred quite space, call your Divine Self present in every cell in your body through the breathe & the senses.
As you drop into your heart space, you access your true self ~ your inner Sophia (wise-woman). Rooted in the sacred knowledge of who you truly are, call on your courage and face the fear. Observing it, seeing it for what it is…

~ Alchemize it
From this deeper space of wisdom, you look at fear, without judgment, light heartedly and shine your inner Light upon it.
The frequency of your Light holds within it the sacred wisdom of Free Will, and the the knowledge that you can choose to hand over your power to fear, or choose NOT to. Choose to stay rooted in Divine Love, connected to your Divine Self and All that Is.
Observe it dissolving into zero point charge.

Well done Alchemist!