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Joni-Leigh Doran
Joni-Leigh Doran Artist & Conservation Activist

7 months after my first private session with Eleftheria, I make a point of choosing authenticity above all else. I now give myself permission to let go of the things (and relationships) that no longer serve me; to be happy; to embody the qualities that I find so attractive in others.

I have learnt about the 12 limiting beliefs, and I am proud to say that, day by day, these limiting beliefs have diminished in their power over me and that I have seen visible changes in many of my unhealthy past patterns.

I have learnt about the three pillars of Divine Femininity: Intuition, Emotion and Creativity.
Eleftheria has helped me to find clarity and self awareness. I’ve had to take a few long, hard, (painful) looks in the mirror to get to the bottom of why I have attracted narcissists into my life for so long, and leaning into the ‘discomfort' of discovering new, healthy, wholesome and drama-free relationships.

I have learnt to see myself as worthy of love, abundance, sheer unadulterated delight.

I can’t put a price on how drastically my life and mindset have changed in the last 7 months, and I am deeply grateful to have the privilege of having this beautiful, terrifying, liberating journey of inner healing facilitated by a woman who embodies such grace, authenticity and leadership. Eleftheria, I am grateful to you beyond words.

Bridget Finklaire
Bridget Finklaire Author & Psychotherapist

I knew for some time that I needed to look at boundaries, but I put it off for ages because it didn’t sound very sexy. It sounded cold, harsh and clinical and I could feel my resistance bubbling up. As usual with these things, life forced me into a place where I really had to examine my boundaries for the sake of my own health. Once I’d committed to the course, I was enthusiastic, but nothing could have prepared me for how fascinating, interesting, powerful and insightful the Master Class Training was! I never knew there was so much to boundaries! This work uncovers deeply hidden blind spots, unconscious childhood patterns and forces you to really ‘know thyself’. I found it incredibly refreshing that my boundaries were not going to be dictated by someone else: I get to choose what they are, it’s ok to have them and it’s ok to be who I am.

Because Eleftheria is an experienced counsellor and facilitator, she’s able to uncover a great deal in a very short time as well as hold the space for personal challenges to be discussed and resolved. I really felt held. All of us were able to talk through immediate, current problems which we faced within our lives. Understanding everything behind boundaries - what underpins them, what they are, why it’s important to have them and how to put them in place and maintain them - has been a valuable life lesson. I highly recommend this training!

How can I serve you?

My personal or professional development offerings takes the form of both individual or group formats.

Leadership Coaching

Coaching starts by declaring a powerful vision. Let me help you realize your professional relationship goals and achieve authentic connection with clients & team members.

1:1 Consultation

Private Counselling starts by declaring a clear intention. In 10 sessions we will work together to heal the past which is influencing your current reality, relationships and professional achievements.


Mentoring sessions with Eleftheria are designed to facilitate your personal evolution within the scope of the personal development field. As coaches, counsellors and leaders, we need a safe space to debrief, to unpack our own stuff which arises during our work and an accountability guide with someone who can relate to the specific field of personal development work and all it entails.

Balanced Body & Mind

Experiential personal development workshops and retreats are theme based. When groups gather with a specific theme resonance, questions arise from self-inquiry which are deeply beneficial to the group as a whole. Facilitation of emerging inquiries catalyzes participatory leadership which creates a unique experience for each event. Participants leave feeling enriched, reconnected and empowered.

Online Coaching

Coaching and counselling is available to you from the convince of your office or comfort of your home. The most popular medium clients prefer is Zoom video conferencing or voice call.

Public Speaking

Eleftheria is available to book for your team event, women's network or leadership seminar. Her signature talks are both inspiring & empowering.

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